The Giver chapters 13 through 19

How does Jonas feel about making choices? Is he changing? Jonas his relationship with his parents and friends changed after he receives his life assignment because he could no longer be totally open and honest with his friends and family because he is no longer permitted to discuss his dreams or his training. This establish a new distance between him and others. He is feeling distant and frustrated. He is beginning to feel angry because he understands things about life that his friends and family do not. Page 89
Why was the Giver bitter about the council of elders? The giver was better for two reasons. First, he was better because he the community knows nothing. Page 105. Second, he told Jonas that he wished people would ask for his wisdom more often.
How Jonas’s second experience with the snow on like the first? Why did the giver offer this experience? Jonas’s experience with the snow was unlike the first because John is experienced pain with the second snow. Jonas got the memory of a sledding accident and breaking a bone.
According to the giver, why did Jonas have to receive this and store memories of pain? What did this suggestion about the community? According to the giver, Jonas had to receive insulin memories of pain because a game and wisdom. The giver believe that wisdom was only change to scream things. This would allow him to advise the committee of elders when needed. This reviews love to community is selfish because they are willing to “sacrifice “one persons life to hold onto the memories of pain, love, ET see., So that they wouldn’t have to bear with the burden. They are willing to have one person there the burden of memories, so they can live this fully and ingnorant.
Why word Jonas and his father worried about Gabriel’s fretfulness at night? How did Jonas tried to solve this problem? Jonas and his father were worried about and night because they were scared. If Gabe doesn’t through the night, he will be seen as a failure, and he wouldn’t be continue to be named and assigned to another family.Jonas solve the problem by giving game call me memories. Jonas gave him the memory of the sailboats on a lake, a peaceful memory.
Just arrived the givers favorite memory. The memory was Christmas with grandparents. John is using room with people by the fire and snow falling outside. There is red and green lights and a cherry in the room with packages wrapped with colored paper. They giver gives him the concept of love.
Why couldn’t Jonas’s parents and to their sons question about love? Jonas parents couldn’t answer their sons question about love because the word love has become obsolete. Intend feelings are considered dangerous in the community. They don’t know what is love this; they take pills for stirrings.
How did Jonas react to the children’s wargame? The way to the children’s game was he was upset and bothered that his friends were playing war. He asked them to stop because he had just had the memory of war, and he knew the agony of war. His friends can understand any of that.
Why do you think Lowery place to children’s game of war shortly after Jonas receive the memory of war? Lois Lowery place to seeing of his friends playing war right after Jonas received the memory of war because if he hadn’t had the memory, you want to have joined them in playing. This shows how John is feeling more and more separate, lonely, and apart from his friends. You can no longer relate to them.

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