The Giver Chapters 13-19

How does Jonas feel about making choices? Is he changing? He thinks that making choices is very frightening. He also feels that making choices isn’t safe. On page 98 Jonas says,””Very frightening. I can’t even imagine it. We really have to protect people from wrong choices.”” Yes, Jonas is changing because he has enough memories to know that he is so much different then the rest of the community. Jonas is now separate, apart, and alone.
Why was the Giver bitter about the Council of Elders? The Giver was bitter about the Council of Elders he is angry that they picked him to have all the memories, memories that pained and burdened him. On page 112 the Giver says, “”But then everyone would be burdened and pained. They don’t want that. And that’s the real reason The Receiver is so vital to them, and so honored. They selected me- and you- to lift that burden from themselves.”” He wished more people asked him to help with his wisdom. He was also bitter because the community knew nothing.
How was Jonas’s second experience with the snow unlike the first? Why did the Giver offer this experience? Jonas’s second experience with the snow was different from his first because this time he was on ice and it was more frightening then fun the second time. On page 108 it states, “Jonas pulled at the rope, trying to steer, but the steepness and speed took control from his hands and he was no longer enjoying the feeling of freedom but instead, terrified, was at the mercy of the wild acceleration downward over the ice.”” The Giver offered this experience because Jonas said he hadn’t suffered a lot yet. On page 107 Jonas says,” But I haven’t suffered, Giver.” The pain gives him wisdom.
According to the Giver, why did Jonas have to receive and store memories of pain? What did this suggest about the community? According to the Giver, Jonas has to receive and store memories of pain because it gives them knowledge. Without knowledge they cannot fulfil their job to advise the Committee of Elders. This suggest that the community is very reliant on the Receiver. On page 111, “”It gives us wisdom,” The Giver replied. “Without wisdom I could not fulfill my function of Advising the Committee of Elders when they call upon me.” This suggests that the community doesn’t have real depth, no pain, no love, and no passion. This also suggests that the community is selfish because they “sacrifice” one person to hold all memories of pain,love, and etc. They are willing to have one person bear the burden of memories so hey can live blissfully ignorant.
Why were Jonas and his father worried about Gabriel’s fretfulness at night? How did Jonas try and solve this problem? Jonas and his father were worried about Gabriel’s fretfulness at night because if he couldn’t sleep soundly enough at night he could be released. Jonas was also worried because he didn’t think there would be anyone in Elsewhere to take care of Gabriel. Jonas tries and solves this problem by thinking of a calm memory and without realizing at first that the memory transmitted to Gabriel when he had his hand on his back. The next time Gabriel wakes he gives him the rest of the memory of the boat on the lake.
Who is Rosemary? Rosemary is the girl who the Giver trained before Jonas, but he failed. The Giver trained her for five weeks when she received only happy and joyful and then she received the bad memories like ones of loneliness and loss. After those memories Rosemary was never quite the same. Then she was burdened and pained she applied for a release. When they came in she gave herself the lethal injection into her arm. On page 140 the Giver says,” She was a remarkable young women. Very self-possessed and serene. Intelligent, eager to learn.”
Why did the community refer to the former Receiver -in-Training as a failure? How did this failure affect the rules that applied to Jonas? The community refers to the former Receiver-in-Training as a failure because she didn’t get to fulfill her job as the Receiver. Also when she applied and got released the whole community suffered because they all got the memories she had within her. That created a huge problem because the blind people in community began feeling these things that they have never felt before. On page 143 the Giver says, “She left here that day, left this room and did not go back to her dwelling. I was notified by the Speaker that she had gone directly to the Chief Elder and asked to be released.”
What would happen to the memories Jonas has if he were to be lost in the river? The memories Jonas has would transferred to each individual in the community. When Rosemary was released all of the memories she had were given to each person in the community. This caused a huge disaster because these people have never felt all of these things. On page 144 the Giver says, “If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever.”
What do you think the Giver was thinking about at the end of Chapter 18? What literary technique is being used here? I think the Giver was thinking about how if Jonas was lost the misery the community would go through, yet again, and the fact that he would have to wait another ten years to train another successor. The literary technique that is being used is foreshadowing. This foreshadowing is on page 145, “He laughed a little, but the laughter was not lighthearted. His thoughts seemed to be elsewhere, and his eyes were very troubled.
Describe the release of the twin. Why was Jonas shocked after watching this? First, the twins are weighed and they take the larger one to get all comfy and then take him to the Center. Then Jonas’s father takes a syringe out of the cupboard in the room. He fills the syringe with a clear liquid. His father then inserts the syringe into the twins room. Then the twin dies and put the tiny body in a carton. Then the carton is put down a garbage shoot. Jonas was shocked because he had talked to his father the release of twins and he had been told a totally different story. On page 150 Jonas thinks, “He killed it! My father killed it! Jonas said to himself, stunned at what he was realizing.
What does Jonas learn about the community’s rules about lying? After watching the release of the twin, do you think that Jonas’s opinions of the community’s rules will change? Why or why not? Jonas learns that it could be in multiple people’s rule books that they are aloud to lie. Yes, I think after the release of the twin Jonas’s opinion of the community’s rules will change because he now knows that the Elders have these people blindly following these rules and they can’t even know what they are really doing.
What did Rosemary do that the Giver believes was an example of bravery? Do you agree or disagree with him? Explain your answer. The Giver believes that when Rosemary injected herself with the lethal to end her own life was brave. I agree with the Giver that was brave of Rosemary. I think that it was brave of her because not only because she applied a release, but she had enough gut to inject herself with this lethal liquid.
Describe the Giver’s favorite memory. The Giver’s favorite memory is one of Christmas. The memory is of parents, children, and grandparents in a room with a warm fire and candles. There was also a tree sparkled with red and green lights, a Christmas tree of course, and packages that we know as presents. Jonas perceived the word family, but there was also love. On page 122 it states,” He was in a room filled with people, and it was warm, with firelight glowing on a hearth. He could see through the window that outside it was night, and snowing.” The Giver explains the concept of love. (pages 122-127)
Why couldn’t Jonas’s parents answer their son’s questions about love? Jonas’ parents couldn’t answer their son’s questions about love because according to them word “love” has become meaningless and rarely used. They also can’t answer Jonas’ questions because “love” isn’t a precise word, and precise use of language is a very important part of their community. On page 127 Jonas’ mother says,””Your father means that you used a very generalized word, so meaningless it has become almost obsolete,” his mother explained carefully.” Intense feelings are considered dangerous in the community. They don’t know what love is; they take pills for stirrings.
How did Jonas react to the children’s war game? Jonas reacted very angrily and sadly to the children’s war game. He felt this way because the memories of love and war changed his emotion so drastically that he asked them to stop playing the game and to never play that game again. On page 134 Jonas says, “” You had no way of knowing this. I didn’t know it myself until recently. But it’s a cruel game. In the past, there have-.” Friends didn’t understand game.
Why do you think Lowry placed the children’s game of war shortly after Jonas received the memory of war? I think Lowry placed the children’s game of war shortly after Jonas received the memory of war because then we, as the readers, can fully understand Jonas’ opinion of war. She also placed the children’s game after Jonas received the memory of war because then we can see how much Jonas has changed. Jonas, not to long ago, was also playing war with Asher and Fiona, but now Jonas understands war and the impact of war on a community. Jonas is now also lonely and separated from his friends. On pages 133 and 134 it states, “In his mind, Jonas saw again the face of the boy who had lain dying on a field and had begged him for water. He had a sudden choking feeling, as if it were difficult to breathe.”
What would happen to the memories Jonas has if he were to be lost in the river?

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