“The Giver” Chapters 11-15 Questions

For the first time, Jonas experienced the feel of ___________. snow
He felt himself sitting on a _________. sled
He was on top of a mound, or __________. hill
What happens to the memory once the Giver gives it away to Jonas? The Giver no longer has the memory
Why was there no longer snow? Climate Control
Why did the leaders go to “sameness?” practical, convenient
The second memory was warm and comforting. What was it? sunshine
What was the last memory given to Jonah in this chapter? sunburn
What dream did Jonas continue having? riding down a hill on a sled
Why did Jonas feel uncomfortable listening to all the twelves about their first day of training? because he was not allowed to discuss his
What weird thing keeps happening to Jonas? things change for an instant
The Giver told him that Jonas was experiencing ___________. the color, red
Why did colors disappear in their society? (he people made the choice to go to sameness, did away with differences
To help Jonas understand the concept of color, the Giver wants to give him the memory of a ____________. rainbow
Does Fiona like her new job? yes
What red things has Jonas seen so far? (apple, Fiona’s hair, books, sled
Why was the community without color? no choices, sameness, scientists changed genes to make everything look flat and hueless
Why couldn’t the community have choices? they might make a mistake
Jonas tried to get Asher to see the color ________ in geraniums. red
What horrible memory did the Giver give to Jonas this time? an elephant killed for its tusks and the baby elephant crying for its mama
Why would it be difficult for Jonas to have a spouse? He couldn’t really share his life with her.
What happened 10 years ago? When the Receiver failed, the memories were released out into the community.
Why was it important that the Receiver keep all the memories? so that the citizens wouldn’t have to bear the pain
Jonas told the Receiver to start giving him some painful memories? Why? to lighten the Receiver’s load because he was in so much pain
How was the second snow/sled experience different from the first? colder, steeper, not falling as thickly, hard, bluish ice, runners wouldn’t slide, terrified, felt pain from a broken leg
Was he given any medications for the pain? no
Every day, Jonas was given a memory of pain, but ended with a ________________. a color-filled memory of pleasure
Why does the Receiver have to hold all the painful, terrible memories? 4. Why does the Receiver have to hold all the painful, terrible memories? (for wisdom)
Why didn’t the elders decide to allow birthmothers have four babies instead of three? because of the memory of hunger
What was Gabriel’s main problem? He was fretful at night.
What did they do when a birthmother had twins? The smaller one was released.
How did Jonas calm down Gabriel? He gave him a memory of sailing
What was wrong with the Giver? He was suffering from the pain of too many horrible memories.
What was the memory? war

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