The Giver Chapter 7

How were the elevens arranged in the auditorium? By their birth-number.
How many eleven nineteens are there before Jonas is called to stage? Two
What did Asher say during the morning treat? Smack, instead of snack.
What is Asher’s real assignment? Assistant director of recreation.
Who was Pierre? number twenty. A male who Jonas didn’t like much because he was very serious not much fun and a worrier and a tattletale.
What assignment was number Two, Inger assigned? Birthmother.
What was Jonas’ full number while waiting in the auditorium eleven nineteen
At what age are you considered an adult? twelve
Do adults track their age? rarely
How do you go about getting a spouse? When they felt ready, they asked for a Matching. They sometimes waited months or even years before a proper matching spouse was found.
How do you become a parent? After you have a spouse, you would apply for children, about five years apart; one male, one female, to make a complete family.
Where did Jonas’ group sit when it was their turn in the auditorium in the front row
Did anyone ever call a child by his number? Parents sometimes do when a child is misbehaving as if the child didn’t deserve a name.
Jonas was more mature than some of the ones that were born later than him. At what age do the birth numbers even out? by Three they all progress at the same level.
Who was the other eleven nineteen a shy female named Harriet
What number was Asher Four
Where did Asher sit in relation to Jonas in the row front of Jonas.
Who was number eighteen? Fiona
who made the initial speech at the Ceremony of Twelve? The Chief Elder, the leader of the community who was elected very ten years.
Was the Chief Elder a male or female? Female
What did the Chief Elder say in her speech to the elevens? This is the time we acknowledge differences. You have spent all of your years learning to fit in. Today we honor your differences and they have determined your futures.
What assignment did number One, Madeline, receive? Fish Hatchery Attendant
What assignment did number Three, Isaac receive? Instructor of Sixes
What assignments did the committee decide were clearly not for Asher? Instructor of Threes.
Why would Asher not be assigned instructor of Threes The instructor of Threes is in charge of the teaching of correct language. Asher always talked too fast and mixed up his words.
What was the discipline wand used for? to give a smack on the hand for first offense and 3 sharper smacks on the bare legs for second offense.
Why did Asher stop talking when he was a three? because he was punished so often for speaking incorrectly.
What did the Chief Elder say after each child was given their assignment? Thank you for your childhood
What was Fiona’s assignment Caretaker of the Old
What happened to Jonas after Fiona sat back down. The Chief Elder skipped his number and called number twenty
What did the Chief Elder say to the audience after all the numbers were called I know you all think I have made a mistake. I have used you anxiety and I apologize to my community. Jonas I have caused you anguish.
What was Jonas assigned Jonas was not assigned, he was selected to be the next Receiver of Memory.
What did the current Receiver of Memory look like? We was an old man with a beard and pale eyes.
When was the last selection of the Receiver of Memory and what happened it was ten years ago and it failed
Does the committee always choose the right assignment for the twelves. What they observe as playfulness and patience in a child, which is a requirement to be a nurturer might actually be foolishness and laziness. in that case they modify their behavior when necessary.
Can the Receiver of Memory in training be observed or be modified no, he is alone
What happens if an elder even has a dream of uncertainty about the selection of the Receiver of Memory? that can set the candidate aside instantly.
When did the committee identify Jonas as a possible Receiver of Memory? many years ago
What were the qualities of Receiver of Memory that Jonas had Intelligence, integrity, courage and the Capacity to See Beyond . Wisdom is also a quality that Jonas has not yet acquired. That will come with his training.
Why did Jonas need courage? The training for Receiver of Memory involved physical pain so great that that no one could even understand it because on the current Receiver of Memory has ever experienced it.
What was the Capacity to See Beyond? It was what happened with the apple an it happened again when Jonas looked out at the people – they changed
What did the audience do after the chief elder thanked Jonas for his childhood and left the stage they started chanting louder and faster “JONAS”
What did each child carry home in the containers on the back of their bikes that night. A thick folder with printed pages of instruction for the beginning of their training and the rules for their assignments
What did Jonas notice about the people and his friends including Asher as they all left to go home. That things weren’t quite the same
What was the name of the person selected before Jonas to train as the Receiver of Memory? His was a female and they were never to speak her name nor was it to be used again for a newchild. The highest degree of disgrace.
What happened to the girl selected before Jonas to train as the Receiver of Memory? They don’t know, she was never seen again.
What do they call a bedroom? a sleepingroom
What was different about Jonas’ folder than everyone else’s? Everyone else’s was thick and he only had one printed sheet.
What were the rules in Jonas’ folder and what did he think of each rule 1. Go immediately at the end of school hours to the Annex entrance behind the House of the Old and present yourself to the attendant2. Go immediately to your home after training hours.for 1 and 2 he didn’t like that he had no time in his schedule for recreation. What would happen to his friendships?3. you are exempted from rules of rudeness and can ask any question to anyone and get an answerHe was certain he wouldn’t take advantage of this rule4. He cannot discuss his training with anyone including parents and Elders.5. no more dream-tellingfor 4 and 5 he was glad to be excused from dream telling but was concerned about how to deal with it at the morning meal. 6. Except for illness or injury not related to his training , do not apply for any medication. He was concerned about having pain. He realized though if he crushed his finger again he would still receive pain medication. and he could still take his pill each morning.7. You are not permitted to apply for Release.He never would even have ever considered such a thing.8. You may lie.He was trained not to lie, no one he new lied. He now wondered if other twelves received the same instruction and that maybe others DID lie. He now could ask adults maybe his dad, Do you lie? But how would he know if the answer was true.
What was the unintentional lie that Jonas told as a Four I’m starving. he should have said I am hungry.

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