The Giver Chapter 3

What was so different about the newchild? He had pale eyes like Jonas. Mostcitizens had dark eyes.
What was the newchild’s comfort object? Hippo
How many years could you serve as a birth mother? 3 years or 3 births
What did women do after being a birth mother? They became laborers.
What had Jonas taken from the Recreation Area and was reminded by public announcement that he was not to do that? An apple
What was it about the apple that concerned Jonas? The appearance of it changed for a brief second three or four times.
What were Jonas and Asher doing to the apple? They were tossing it back and forth.
Why was the new child, Gabriel, staying with Jonas’s family unit? The father was concerned about him. He was fussy and didn’t seem to be developing as fast as the others. He was trying to avoid the possibility of releasing him.

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