The Giver Chapter 17 Questions

What has happened to Jonas since he has stopped taking his pills? The stirrings had returned.
What was unexpectedly announced to the community? An unscheduled holiday.
What did Jonas find his friends playing? War.
What did Jonas do during to disrupt the game? Jonas was upset that they didn’t understand war, he stood in the middle of play until others decided to stop playing and left.
What would the father do the next day when the identical twins were born? He had to weigh them, keep the heavier one, and Release the smaller of the two.
How does Father describe the Release? He cleans him up and gets him comfy, then he performs a small ceremony of Release, then waves bye bye.
Who takes the baby when it is Released, according to Father? Somebody from Elsewhere.
What job did Mother think would fit Lily? Storyteller

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