The Giver Chapter 14 Questions

How was the second snow/sled experience different from the first? Colder; steeper; not falling as thickly; hard, bluish ice; runners wouldn’t slide; terrified;felt pain from a broken leg; face scraped along jagged edges of ice.
Was Jonas given any medications for the pain (explain)? No; it was against Jonas’ rules to take medication from anything related to training.
Every day, Jonas was given a memory of pain, but ended with what? A color-filled memory of pleasure.
Why does the Giver have to hold all the painful, terrible memories? To protect the Community and to gain wisdom.
Why didn’t the elders decide to allow birthmothers have four babies instead of three? Because of the memory of hunger; population control was introduced.
What was Gabriel’s main problem? He was fretful at night.
What did the Community do when a birthmother had twins? The smaller one was released.
How did Jonas calm down Gabriel? Jonas gave Gabe a memory of sailing.

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