The Giver Chapter 12 Questions

why is it important the giver keep all the memories? because he can advised the communiity using the wisdom he gained
why did jonas want to receive painful memories? to take pain away from the giver
why would it be hard for jonas to be married? because they would have to live apart and could not share his feelings
what is courage courage is when you stand up for what you belive
what does wisdom mean knowing what is right and wrong
capacity to see beyond knowing what the outcome of a descion will be
what dream does jonas keep having about riding down a hill on a seld
why did jonas feel uncomfortable about listeing to all the 12s about there first day of traning because he could not tell them about his
what weird things keep happening to jonas things change for a instant
the giver told jonas that he was experienceing the color red
why did colors dissipear in there communitey because of sameness
what color red things has jonas seen so far fiona’s hair, an apple, seld, and books

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