The Giver Chapter 10

What was different about the bikes after the Twelves Ceremony? The name plate was changed to citizen-in-training.
Why was the Receiver of Memory’s doors locked? He didn’t want to be disturbed by foolish things, he needed to concentrate.
How was the furniture different in the office? It wasn’t standardized like the community’s furniture.
Why was Jonas so surprised to see all the books in the office? He’d never seen a book, except for a dictionary, community map, and Rules book.
What memories did the Receiver want Jonas to have? Memories of the wholeworld.
What analogy did the Receiver compare his life to? Going down a hill on a sled in deep snow.
What did Jonas have to do to get his first memory? Take his tunic off, lay face down on the couch.
What memory did the Receiver give to Jonas? Snow.

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