The Giver Chapter 1-5 Comprehension Questions

What did they do with the pilot that made a wrong turn? They released him
What was the ritual that Jonas’s family did at the end of their evening meal? They expressed their feelings
What was Jonas’s father’s job? He was a nurturer
How many children could each family have? One girl and one boy
What was the name of the baby that the father was so concerned about? Gabriel or Gabe
What is the most important job in the community? The Receiver or the Committee ofElders
Why was the Ceremony of Twelves the most important ceremony? People would be given their life assignment
What was so different about the new child? He had pale eyes just like Jonas. Most citizens have dark eyes.
How many years could you serve as a birth mother? For three years
What did you do after being a birth mother? You are a laborer for the rest of your life
What had Jonas taken from the Recreation Area and was reminded by public announcement that he was not to do that? He stole an apple
What was it about the apple that concerned Jonas? The apple changed for a moment
Why was the new child, Gabriel, staying with Jonas’s family unit? The father was concerned about him.
Where did Asher and Fiona work? At the House of the Old
What did Jonas help do at the House of Old? He helped bathe old people
What celebrations did they have at the House of Old? They celebrated releases & the celebration of life
What was the morning ritual for Jonas’s family? They told each other their dreams
How long does one have to take pills for stirrings? Until they enter the House of Old

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