The Giver Chapter: 1-23 Vocabulary

intrigue to excite the curiosity of, to interest
palpable something that can be touched, obvious
disposition personality
adherence attachment, devotion and support
chastise to scold or criticize
serene calm, peaceful
ritual routine, a system of formal, customary procedures
transgressions the breaking of a rule, law, or duty
meticulously extremely careful about details
singular the only one of its kind, unique
acquisition the act of taking possession, getting something
retroactive having an affect on things done in the past
jaunty lighthearted, perky, merry
unanimous agreeing completely with no objections
exasperation irritation or aggravation
strewn scattered
permeated spread throughout
expertise specialized knowledge; expert skill
warily cautiously
luminous bright; brilliant; glowing
imploringly in a beseeching manner
sarcastic Mocking or fake
stealthily secretly
capacity ability to perform or produce
languid slow, sluggish, listless, weak
hone sharpen
vigilant on the alert; watchful
haphazard random
cultivated planted for crops
lethargy lack of energy; sluggishness
admonition gentle warning; friendly reproof
irrationally without reason
vibrance full of energy
sinuous curved or curving in and out
assimilated to blend in or become similar to one’s environment
invigorating imparting strength and vitality
ominous presaging ill-fortune
placidly in a quiet and tranquil manner
flailing searching in frustration
intimate close and personal
unnerved deprived of courage and strength
requisitioned asked for urgently or insistently
integral essential or necessary parts of a whole
embossed with a raised pattern or design
successor a thing or person that immediately replaces something or someone
tentatively with uncertainty
frigid extremely cold
torrent a heavy rain
poised marked by balance or equilibrium and readiness for action
exhilarating refreshing, invigorating, stimulating
practical having or put to a practical purpose or use
obsolete out-of-date, no longer in use
unwieldy difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape
aptitude a natural talent or ability; quickness in learning
vital Essential
adherence obedience
apprehensive fearful or anxious, especially about the future
nurture nourish, nurse, or bring up from childhood
distraught extremely upset; hysterical
prominent important
sleek glossy; shiny
intrigued interested
palpable capable of being touched or felt; tangible
wheedled begged with a petulant voice; whined; coaxed
ironic humorously sarcastic or mocking
chastise to criticize severely; to punish
sufficient Enough to fill a need
solemn serious; somber; grave
Rehabilitation the restoration of someone to a useful place in society
disquieting upsetting
infraction violation (of a rule or regulation); breach
somber serious, dark, or gloomy
buoyancy cheerfulness that bubbles to the surface
meticulous extremely careful and precise
scrupulous principled, having a strong sense of right and wrong; conscientious and exacting
rueful regretful or sorrowful
serene calm, peaceful
benign harmless
jaunty lighthearted; lively; easy and carefree
indolent habitually lazy or idle

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