The Giver Ch 11-15

colors, sled, a hill, and a rainbow What things does Jonas begin to perceive and see?
relieved from the burden How does the Give feel after he transmits the first memory?
the color red What does Jonas learn from seeing the apple and Fiona’s hair?
fear and pain, suffering in the world Why did the community adopt “Sameness”?
the community should share the vibrancy of color Why does Jonas say “it isn’t fair that nothing has color”?
making mistakes, experiencing stress and pain From what are the people being protected by not having choices?
a painful leg injury What memory worse than sunburn does The Giver transmit to Jonas?
wisdom What will Jonas gain by holding memories?
the memory of war Why does The Giver ask Jonas for forgiveness?
so crops can grow all the time and transportation is not hindered Why does the community have climate control?
through his hands on his back How did The Giver transmit memories?
Jonas Everyone shared their first day of training with each other except?
hippo Gabriel’s comfort object was a
Asher Who did Jonas first try to give a memory to?
poachers killing the elephant The first shocking memory Jonas received was?
elephant What memory did Jonas try to give Lily
memories The people believed that chaos would happen if they had
hunger What did Jonas experience during training when his stomach hurt?
wisdom pointed to starvation, world hunger and warfare Why couldn’t family units have more than 2 children?
one weighing the least How did Jonas’ father determine the release of a twin
Gabriel Who did Jonas give memories to?

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