The Giver Ch. 1-11 Comprehension Questions

What was the unidentified aircraft at the beginning of the story? a pilot-in-training that made an error
What happened to the pilot after this incident? he was released
Who is the protagonist in this novel? Jonas
Write an adjective that describes Jonas’ best friend, Asher (be able to defend your answer) clumsy, tardy, active etc.
When did the story begin? Almost December
What is the ritual that Jonas’ family does each night at the evening meal? telling of feelings
What is Jonas’ father’s job? Nurturer
What does a family unit consist of? Mother, father, 1 boy, and 1 girl
What is Jonas apprehensive about? The Ceremony of Twelve
Family units receive their newchildren at what ceremony? The Ceremony of Ones
What is the name of the baby that Jonas’ family is concerned? Gabriel of Gabe
At what age do children receive their bicycles? Nine
What is the Ceremony of twelve so important? Children are given their Assignments/Jobs
How do the lives of the children change after the Ceremony of Twelve? no recreation time, time spent on training
What is unique about the newchild? He has pale eyes
How many years are served as birthmother? Three years, three births, and then labor
What did Jonas take from the Recreation Center? How was he punished? apple, an annoucment was made to publicly humiliate him
What was unique about the apple? It changed, it looked different
Why was the newchild, Gabriel, staying with Jonas’ family? for extra nurturing so that he could sleep through the night, and avoid release
Where did Asher and Fiona do some of their volunteer hours? The House of the Old
What happens during a release at The House of the Old? the telling of life, toast, cheers, chanting of anthem, and lovely goodbye speeches
How did Roberto look when he walked through the door of the Releasing Room? He looked happy, and he bowed to those watching
What is the morning ritual for Jonas’ family? The morning telling of feelings
What did Jonas have to do to treat his stirrings? take a pill
Who had to take the pills for stirrings? Anyone who has stirrings, usually from around twelve and up
What was the jacket that the fours, fives, and sixes wore (buttoned down the back) symbolize? interdependence
Sevens received a jacket that buttoned down the front. What did this symbolize? independence
What was Jonas’ number? 11-19
Jonas was not assigned, he was ______________. Selected
Who will train Jonas? The Receiver of Memory
How did the audience respond to Jonas while he stood on the stage? They chanted his name
How did things change for Jonas after the ceremony? People began treating him differently
What was in Jonas’ folder? His instruction, 8 instructions
What was the most shocking part of his instructions? He could lie
What was Jonas surprised to see in the Annex Room? So many books
What memory did Jonas receive first? snow

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