The giver 1-23 chapter questions

A pilot in training that made an error What was the unidentified aircraft at the beginning of the story
They released him What did they do with the pilot
Jonas What was the main characters name
Science fiction or fantasy What was the genre of the novel
Asher The main characters best friend
December What month did the story begin
The telling of feelings What was the ritual Jonas’s family did at the end of their evening meal
A nurturer for newborns What was John’s his father’s job
One girl and one boy How many children could each family have
The ceremony of 12 What was jonas apprehensive about
Ones People received their babies at what ceremony
Gabriel What was the name of the baby the father was so concerned about
Lily Jonas’s sister
Nine How old you have to be to get your first bike
Older brothers and sisters secretly talk to younger ones to ride a bike What rule is almost always broken by the community and wasn’t taken seriously
The receiver or committee of elders What was the most important job in the community
People were given their life assignment Why was the ceremony of 12 is the most important ceremony
No recreation time and everyone was being trained How did their lives change after the ceremony of 12’s
Elephant Lillys comfort object
Bear Jonas is comfort object
He had pill I’d like Jonas most citizens had our guys What was so different about the new child
Hippo What was the new Childs comfort object
Three years How many years could you serve as a birthmother
Became labors What did you do after being a birthmother
An Apple What had Jonas taken from the recreation area
It changed indescribably What was it about the Apple that concern Jonas
Tossing it back-and-forth What were Jonas and Asher doing to the Apple
His father was concerned and didn’t want the possibility of him being released Why was the new child staying with Jonas’s family
He worked at the rehabilitation center What did Benjamin do for his volunteer hours
She worked at the childcare center What did Lily do for her volunteer hours
The house of the old Where did Asher and Fiona do volunteer work
Bathe old people What did you want us to do at the house of the old
The release of patients What’s celebrations they have at the house of the old
Make toasts cheers chanting abandoned them and speeches What do they do at celebrations
No one knows Where do they go when one has been released
Happy How did Roberto look when he walked through the door of the releasing room
Telling of dreams What was the morning ritual for Jonas’s family
He wanted to bathe Fiona What dream did Jonas tell his family he had
His first feelings of stirrings The mother had an explanation for the dream what was it
To take pills What was the treatment
Anyone who has stirrings Who have to take these pills
Until they enter the house of the old How long does one have to take these pills
She was proud to have joined the people who were taking them already How did Jonas feel about taking the pills
He found them pleasurable and wished he could feel them again How did Jonas feel about the stirrings
Eights Received pockets on their jackets and volunteer hours
Nines Learn how to ride bikes
Tens Got their haircuts
Elevens girls received undergarments and boys received trousers and calculators
Twelves Receive their life assignment
Ones Receive their name and their family
Threes Precision of language and dream telling
Fours A jacket with buttons in the back
Sevens A jacket with buttons in the front
He had fallen in the river and died Why was a replacement child given for the four-year-old Caleb
To elsewhere or be released If you wanted to leave the community where would you go
Spouses were matched after being monitored by the committee of elders How did people get a spouse
11-19 What was Jonas’s number
Twelve At what age does your age no longer matter
He kept confusing the word to smack instead of snack Why did Asher get smacked a lot when he was a three-year-old
His turn was skipped Why did Jonas get so upset during the ceremony of 12
Assistant director of recreation What was Ashers assignment
He did something wrong What reason did Jonas think his turn was skipped
Try to make himself smaller in the seat he felt embarrassed What was Jonas’s reaction to being skipped
Selected Jonas have not actually been assigned but he was_______
Receiver of memory What was Jonas to be selected for
The current receiver of memory Who will train jonas
Yes Are the characters for us Reciever of memory intelligence integrity encourage wisdom and the capacity to see beyond
Unsure and confused at first but agreed that he had the qualities How did Jonas respond to him being called all of those qualities
Something changed When he looked out at the audience what happened
They chanted his name louder and louder How did the audience respond when Jonas was standing on the stage
He didn’t know what his new role would bring and what it meant Why was he filled with fear
People started treating him differently Why did things seem so tense after the ceremony
The most important job of the community What kind of job did Jonas get
She failed and disappeared What happened to the girl that was supposed to be trained receiver of memory
One sheet with 8 instructions What was in Jonas is instruction folder
None How much recreation time was jonas allowed
You may lie What was the final rule on the sheet of instructions
Only if it was not related to training Was he allowed medication
Everyone might be lying What realization struck him
The nameplates said citizen in training What was different about the bikes after the 12 ceremony
So no one disturbed him Why was the receiver of memories door locked
It wasn’t standardize like the communities furniture How was the furniture different in the office
In the community the only books they have our dictionaries maps and rulebooks Why was Jonah so surprised to see all of the books
Memories of the whole world What memories did the receiver what Jonas to have
Going down a hill on a sled in deep snow What analogy did the receiver compare his life to
Take his tunic off and lay facedown on the couch What did Jonas have to do to get his first memory
Snow What memory did the receiver give to Dennis
Snow For the first time jonas experiences the feel of
Sled He felt himself sitting on a
Hill He was on top of the mound or
The giver no longer has the memory What happens to the memory wants to give her gives it away to Jonas
Climate control Why was there no longer snow
It was more practical and convenient Why did the leaders go to sameness
Sunshine The second memory was warm and comforting what was it
Sunburn What was the last memory given to Jonas in this chapter
Riding down a hill on a sled What dream did jonas continue having
He couldn’t talk about his day Why did Jonas feel uncomfortable listening to all the 12s about their day
Things change for an instant What weird things keep happening to Jonas
The color red The giver told him that Jonus was experiencing______
The people made the choice to go to sameness Why did colors disappear in their society
A Rainbow To help Jonas understand the concept of color the giver wants him to have a memory of
Yes Does Fiona like her new job
Fiona’s hair the Apple the books and the sled What red things has Jonas seen so far
There were no choices Why was the community without color
They might make a mistake Why couldn’t the community have choices
Red Jonas tried to get Asher to see the color____
An elephant killed and the baby elephant crying for its mom What horrible memory did they give her gift to Joanis this time
He couldn’t really share his life with her Why would it be difficult for Jonas to have a spouse
The receiver failed and the memories were released into the community What happened 10 years ago
So that citizens wouldn’t have to bear the pain Why was it important that the receiver keep all the memories
To lighten the receivers load because he was in so much pain Jonas told the receiver to start giving him some painful memories why
He experienced pain with a broken leg the second time How was the second snow experience different from the first
No Was Jonas given medication for the pain
Color filled memory of pleasure Every day Jonus was given a memory of pain but ended it with a______
For wisdom Why does the receiver have to hold all the painful memories
Because of the memory of hunger Why didn’t the owners decide to allow birthmothers to have four babies instead of three
He was crying at night What was Gabriel’s main problem
The smaller one is released What do they do when a birth mother had twins
He gave him a memory of sailing How did Jonas calm down Gabriel
He was suffering from so much pain What was wrong with the giver
War What was the memory ofbthe givers pain
A birthday and horseback riding What were some of the good memories given to Jonas
Christmas and family What was the givers favorite memory that was given away
Love What new feeling to Jonas experience
Order would fall apart Why did Jonas feel that love would be risky
Gabe cried What happen when Gabriel is taking away from jonas
He threw his pill away What did Jonas is do at the end
The stirrings of came back What has happened to Jonah since he stopped taking the pills
Play and ride his bike What did Jonas want to do on his unexpected holiday
War What were his friends playing
Jonus was upset that he couldn’t play and the others left What happened with the wargame
He would weigh them and keep the heavier one and release the other one What would the father due the next day when the identical twins were born
He cleans them up and get him comfy waves by by How does the father describe the release
Storytelling What job did mother think would fit Lily
Rosemary What was the last receivers name
She couldn’t bear the pain of the memories What was the cause of rosemarys failure
She was released Where did Rosemary go
They released into the community What happened to the memories when Rosemary died
Feelings For the first time the community have memories which caused him to have
Nothing What did the giver do to help the people
He didn’t want him to die because then the memories would go to the people Why did the giver keep telling Jonas to stay away from the river
He relies on the giver to help him How does Jonas deal with the memories
Release Jonas decidedb he wanted to watch a_____
He was shown a video of it How was Jonas able to watch release of the twin
On top of the four head Where did Jonas is father stick the needle in the twin
Killed What does it mean to be released
In a carton Where did father place the baby
She injected herself How was Rosemary released
He wanted to cry and throw up What was Jonas’s reaction to all of this
Killed Jonus was very upset when he figured out that to be released meant to be___
With the Giver Where did you spend that night
One twin the old people those who ask in those he break the rules three times OK who all in the community get released
Change Jonas and the giver came to the conclusion that the community needed____
That he fell into the river What would the giver tell the community that happened to Jonas
Jonas would run away Elsewhere What was the plan
Midnight What time of day or night would Jonas leave
Rosemary Who is the givers daughter
To be released What decision was made about Gabriel
Leaving at night and stealing What crimes did Jonas commit when he left
Hid and slept What did they do the first day after breakfast
At night What time do they travel
They don’t see color so they blended in with their surroundings Why couldn’t the search planes see them
To throw the heat detectors off Why did Jonas make himself and Gabe cold as the search things hunted for them
The search plans were coming more infrequently How did Jonas know that the community was starting to give up search
Narrow and bumpy roads How did the landscape change
The unknown Now that the fear of the searchers was gone or did Jonas fear now
He thought a bird was a plane What had Gabe mistaken in the air
He was afraid that he and Gabe would starve What was the desperate fear that was building in Jonas
Not really Did Jonas want to return to the community
His ankle What part of the body did Jonas hurt
They were cold wet hungry and weak Why were jonas and Gabe crying
He was afraid that he would no longer be able to save Gabriel What other reason was just crying
He gave him a memory of sunshine How did Jonas try to warm up Gabe
It was snowing heavily Why was it so difficult to travel
He was remembering happy times Why do you suddenly become happy
A sled What was waiting for him at the top of the hill
Christmas lights What was the first thing that Jonas saw in elsewhere
Music What did Jonas here for the first time
He felt it within him How did Jonas know this place would take care of Gabe and him

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