The crucible true or false

As the play opens, reverend Parrish’s praying for the salvation of his negro slave false
Among the townspeople, dancing is considered a heathen activity true
Abigail drinks a charm to kill Elizabeth proctor true
There has been a land disputes between Francis nurse and Thomas Putnam that included neighbors and relatives on both sides true
Most new ideas that reverend parris proposed are acceptable by the people of the village false
The community has had difficulty keeping a minister in the last seven years true
Reverend Hale is the pastor for the local church in the village false
Tituba performs sorcery in an attempt to commune with the devil false
Tituba confesses to witchcraft to avoid being hanged true
John proctor is a silversmith false
Several Putnam children dies at birth while foot osborn was the midwife true
Tibetan tries to kill reverend parris when he breaks his promise to send her back to her home false
All three of john proctor’s sins have been baptized false
Suspicious that charges of witchcraft might be unfounded, Reverend hale visits the homes of several accused people to question them true
Elizabeth proctor is arrested at her house for witchcraft true
Walcott claim to be bewitched by Martha corey because he cannot keep his pigs alive true
Mary warren is afraid to testify against Abigail true
When Mary changes her truthful testimony and denies that she is pretending, john proctor shouts that god is dead and they will burn together true
When Mary warren confesses to fraud, she explains that hearing the other girls screaming made her think she saw spirits true
Deputy governor danforth has already sentenced many people in other towns to be executed for witchcraft true
John proctor and reverend parris are good friends false
Elizabeth proctor collects poppets false
Marry warren is unable to faint when shes commanded to prove she was only acting true
John proctor has been unfaithful to his wife true
Elizabeth is not jealous of Abigail false
Reverend hale urges john proctor to confess so John will be forgiven by god true
Reverend parris wants John proctor to confess to having an alliance with the devil because parris fear for his own life true
John proctor admits to witchcraft and sign the confession true
Until she was dismissed, Abigail was the proctor servant false
Danforth accuses john proctor of being the anti-chirst true
So many people are jailed that cows wander the roads unattended false
Before she leaves town, Abigail steals money from her uncle true
John proctor lives to see his fourth child false
Elizabeth reveals that she feels inferior and doesn’t deserve john love true
Several accusers are motivated by vengeance true
Parris continued to be materialistic and self-serving throughout the play true
The witch trials broke the power of theocracy in Massachusetts true

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