The Crucible Timeline

Nov 1689 Samuel Parris named Minister of Salem
Oct 1691 Villagers decide to drive Parris out of Salem and stop paying his salary(but he didn’t leave).
Jan 1692 Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Parris start acting strangely.
March 1st 1692 Tituba “confesses”
March 19th 1692 Abigail Williams accuses Rebecca Nurse of witchcraft.
March 28th 1692 Elizabeth Proctor accused of witchcraft.
April 11th 1692 Proctor gets accused of witchcraft.
April 1692 Mary Warren admits to lying and says the other girls were lying.
April 13th 1692 Giles Corey is accused of witchcraft.
April 19th 1692 Mary Warren reverses her confession of lying and rejoins the girls.
May 27th 1692 Governor Phipps establishes the court of Oyer(heard) and Terminer(decided)for the cases of witchcraft.
June 2nd 1692 Bridget Bishop first to be tried and convicted.
June 10th 1692 First hanging of the trial (Bridget Bishop).
July 19th 1692 Rebecca Nurse hangs.
August 19th 1692 John Proctor hangs.
September 19th 1692 Giles Corey dies after two days of being pressed.
October 8th 1692 Spectral evidence is no longer allowed.
October 29th 1692 The governor dissolved the court and forbid further arrests.
1693 Tituba was released and sold to a new master.
January 1693 49 out of 52 people still jailed, are free due to the spectral evidence ruling.
May 1693 Governor Phipps pardons those still in prison.
January 14th 1697 The General Court declares a day of fasting and prayer for Salem.
Later in 1697 Parris finally ousted of Minister.
1702 The General Court declares the Salem witch trials unlawful.
1706 Putnam’s daughter, Ann, publicly apologizes.
1711 Massachusetts restores the rights and reputations of those accused.
1752 Salem village renamed Danvers.
1957 Massachusetts formally apologizes for the Salem witch trials.
1992 Salem witch trials memorial dedicated.
Judge Sewall Wrote a diary;felt deep remorse of the witch trials. In his diary he expressed regret for participating in it.
Judge Stoughton Wanted to kill prisoners faster after the spectral evidence ruling. Didn’t feel remorse about the trials.

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