The Crucible Synonyms and Antonyms

Abomination Synonym: hatred; corruption Antonym: delight, pleasure
Ameliorate Synonym: mitigate, improve, relieve Antonym: aggravate, intensify, worsen
Base Synonym: mean-spirited; selfish Antonym: uncorrupt, pure, honest, clean
Beguile Synonym: seduce, betray, scamAntonym: honesty, pure, truth
Calumny Synonym: defamation, lie, libelAntonym: truth, flattery, idolize
Contempt Synonym: disdain, scorn, antipathyAntonym: approval, respect, praise
Denounce Synonyms: accuse, blame, boycottAntonym: applaud, compliment, exalt
Excommunication Synonyms: damnation, dismissal, removal Antonym: accepted to participate
Gaunt Synonyms: emaciated, bleak Antonym: thick, heavy, well-nourished
Ideology Synonyms: culture, creed, outlook, dogma Antonym: absence of rule/ order
Immaculate Synonyms: flawless, pure, impeccable Antonym: defective, flawed, imperfect
Iniquity Synonyms: infamy, wrong, evil-doingAntonym: good deeds, kindness, morality
Intimations Synonyms: cue, communications, declaration Antonym: silence, refusal to talk
Lascivious Synonyms: carnal, indecent, crude Antonym: clean, decent, moral, chaste
Lechery Synonyms: lust, unchaste, debauchery Antonym: celibate, chaste, honor
Licentious Synonyms: disorder, amoral, corruptAntonym: chaste, controlled, naïve
Malevolence Synonyms: hatred, malice, evil Antonym: kindness, goodwill, charity
Malign Synonyms: harmful, sinister, wickedAntonym: benign, helpful, kindly
Naïve Synonyms: simple, ignorant, innocent Antonym: aware, experienced, knowledgeable
Pretense Synonyms: charade, semblance, appearance Antonym: reality, honesty, truth
Quail Synonyms: recoil, flinch, cowerAntonym: calm, steady
Qualm Synonyms: doubt, worry, apprehension, nervousAntonym: calm, certainty, peace
Reprieve Synonyms: amnesty, pardon, postponementAntonym: continuation, follow through
Subline Synonyms: superb, glorious, heavenly Antonym: inferior, lowly, poor, second-rate
Tantalize Synonyms: entice, frustrate, tormentAntonym: assist, encourage, support
Trepidation Synonyms: dismay, dread, panicAntonym: assurance, calm, composure, ease
Vindictive Synonyms: cruel, resentful, malicious Antonym: compassionate, forgiving, gentle

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