the crucible overture/ act 1 (trahan)

overture an introduction to something more substantial
– salem, massachusettes- spring of 1692- a small upper bedroom in the home of Reverend Parris what is the specific setting of this play?
– a “sect of fanatics” and follow a strict religious lifestyle; so strict that they didnt encourage or celebrate enjoyment of life- hypocritical and demeaning how are the people of Salem characterized?
through their own theological views how do the Puritans view the world around them?
purpose of the overature provides relevant and interesting background info on the events that occured during thr salem witch trials
Miller who gave us a history of the events along with the crucial info on the mindset and attitudes of the puritan people at this time
we might read through or watch the play itself and think that these were just a bunch of crazy people, and dismiss the events as that what would happen if miller didnt give us this info?
they had a dangerous combination of beliefs: a thorough belief in the actual existence if the devil and his influence through witchcraft, and, no way to atone for a purge their sins and grievances. what did Miller help us understand about the puritan people of this time?
had no coffession. they had to feel bad and fester them. what didnt the puritans have, and how did they deal with it?
– festering- belief in the devil these 2 things are combined to create the witch trials
witches and the devil who does abigail blame when she laughs during prayer?
spectural evidence – “Spectral evidence refers to a witness testimony that the accused person’s spirit or spectral shape appeared to him/her witness in a dream at the time the accused person’s physical body was at another location. It was accepted in the courts during the Salem Witch Trials.
revrend parris -40ish, widowed, had no interest in children- Arrogant, believed he was perecuted wherever he went, fears his repputation
bridget bishop – owner of a tavern where people play shuffle board in salem- this role is to rebel against all of the puritan ideas
his rebel characteristics can cause conflict in the upcoming trials. John Proctor is characterized as a “rebel”…why is this important for us to know before the action begins?
– “Unseated the royal government” – “Substituted a junta which was at this moment in power” What changes had occurred in Salem since its founding?
– Allowed the people in Salem to accomplish “long-held hatreds of neighbors could be openly expressed, and vengeance taken” along with ” Old scores could be settled on a plane of heavenly combat between Lucifer and the Lord” what did the “witch hunt allow people in salem to accomplish?
revrend hale came to help betty, he is an expret in witchcraft. known as a “doctor”. tells them he knows everything to do with the devil
john proctor had an affair with abigail and feels guilty. hes a hypocrite, but he hates hypocrites criticizes the theocracy gov in salem
thomas putnam married to ann. gets in an argument with john proctor about land. he is a bitter man
ann putnam has given birth to 8 children, 7 have died. ressentful against rebecca nurse. negative about everything
abigail williams servant to john and elizabeth protor. relieved of her duties because elizabeth suspected she had an affair with john. she is in love with john, and he wants nothing to do with her. she is the ring leader of the girls. she is very manipulative
betty parris revrend Parris’s daughter. was in the forrest in the woods, and gets a strange illness after being in the forest.
tituba slave of rev parris. from barbados. claims to be able to bring up the devil and spirits from peoples bodies. accuses other people of witchcraft
rebecca nurse everyone likes her. 11 children and 26 grandchildrem. doesnt believe in witchcraft or the devil was involved with the girls in the forest. thinks betty and ruth are faking
mary warren john proctors new servant. manipulated by abigail to lie. she was one of the girls in the forest

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