The Crucible Movie Viewing Guide

Why does Abby drink chicken blood? What is her motivation? She drinks it to kill John Proctors wife.Her motivation is to want him back.
The girls may have been practicing witchcraft,but did they summon any real black magic? Was the devils spirit really there? No because it’s not real
Why is Ann Putnam especially protective over and worried about her daughter Ruth? What’s her motivation? What’s her background story? She is protective because Ruth is her only living child and the rest were stillborns
What is the external conflict between Abigail and Parris? She is her niece
Why do you think Betty was in a comotose state? She is faking it
Describe John Proctors physical looks and the way he carries himself He is very heavy and fit
What,then,is John Proctors internal conflict regarding him and Abigail He may have loved her
Hale says “You can save yourself and tell me who it was.” What is Abigail’s strategy in calling out Tituba? Deflection
Why isn’t it difficult for Ann Putnam to believe that Goody Osborn is a witch? She had been a midwife and her babies died
Why do all the girls begin calling out those who” walked with the devil?” They are copying Abigail the mean girl
According to Elizabeth Proctor, how many people have been brought to the jail and suffer hanging if they don’t confess? 4
Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor. What is their external conflict? It’s tense and cold
What does Proctor wish Elizabeth would do? What’s his motivation regarding their relationship? He wants her to move on and forget
According to Elizabeth what is John Proctors internal conflict? He’s still struggling with that guilt
The crowing of a rooster is heard in the background as the story closes. In what ways are the characters and the community awakening? The community is starting to doubt the truthfulness for the girls
How is Proctor overhollywoodized at the end of the movie? We overdramatize it
What is the allusion at the end of the movie? The crowd is allowed to decide what the fate is

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