The Crucible Logical Fallacies

“She ails as she must…her soul is taken surely”(13). Type of Fallacy:Hasty GeneralizationInductive Logical FallacySpeaker: Goody Putnamcontext: Ruth is sickFlaw in the Argument: to simplistic complexity of illness The evidence does no merit the conclusion
“For how else is she struck dumb now except some power of darkness would stop her mouth”(16). Type of Fallacy: Only ClauseDeductiveSpeaker: Goody PutnamContext: Ruth’s illnessFlaw: more complex reasons for her illness
“He has…found a witch in Beverly last year”(14) Type of Fallacy: questionable authorityInductiveSpeaker: Goody PutnamContext: Parris has sent for Rev HaleFlaw: Does finding a witch reveal true authority?”Half a dozen heavy books.”-Authority
“Let you strike out against the devil and the village will bless you for it”(17) Type of Fallacy: Begging the QuestionSpeaker: Mr. PutnamContext: Putnam wants Rev. Parris to speak to the villagersFlaw: Putnam assumes the devil is responsible and the village will thank him for it
“There is either obedience or the church will burn like hell is burning”(30). Fallacy: Either or fallacySpeaker: Reverend ParrisContext: Proctor has just criticized Parris for his focus on deeds and mortgagesFlaw: Extreme Choices
“The must be; they are weighted with authority”(14).Half a dozen heavy books Fallacy: Questionable AuthoritySpeaker: Reverend HaleContext: Hale arrives with heavy booksFlaw: Vailidity of books and authors
“Abigail brings the other girls into court, and where she walks the crowd will pare like the sea for Israel”(Act 2). Rhetorical Term: allusionSpeaker: ElizabethContext: John and Elizabeth’s conversationElizabeth’s Purpose: to convince John to testify.
“Last Monday, I think she walked away, and I thought my guts would burst for two days after.” Fallacy: Cause and effect fallacySpeaker: Mary WarrenContext: Sarah Good asked Mary for break and cider, but Mary turned her away.Flaw: A stomach problem will not result from turning Sarah away.

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