The Crucible Guided Reading Questions

Why is Reverend Parris upset at the beginning of Act 1? He is upset because his daughter is lying on a bed unable to move and he does not know what is wrong with her.
When no medical explanation can be provided, what do the townspeople (including Parris and the Putnams) think the explanation must be? They think the girls are involved in witchcraft.
Why do you think Tituba was the first one blamed for witchcraft? She was the one speaking the incantations and she is a slave so it is easy to place blame on.
Why are the Putnam’s so quick to agree with the idea of witchcraft? They’ve lost seven of their eight babies so they asked Tituba to speak to the dead. They already believed witches killed their babies so it would not be that unbelievable for a witch to be affecting Betty as well as their own daughter.
What reason does Abigail give for being fired from the Proctor’s? Mrs. Proctor hates her for not being her slave.
When the girls are alone with Betty, of what does she accuse Abigail? She accuses Abigail of drinking blood.
How does John Proctor react to Abigail’s advances? He tries to stop her and tells her it is over.
Does Rebecca Nurse believe the girls? No, she thinks the girls are just having silly seasons.
What does “goody” mean? Mrs.
Does Proctor agree with Parris’ decision to send for Hale? No
How do the townspeople feel about Rev. Parris? They are tired of hearing him preach on damnation and hell.
What “strange” action does Martha Coret participate in that makes her husband, Giles Corey, suspicious? She reads books and does not let him see them.
Why did Abigail blame Tituba? She did not want to get in trouble herself.
What two names does Putnam suggest to Tituba? Sarah Good and Goody Osburn
What does the power of suggestion have to do with the names of Goody Good and Goody Osburn? They influence Tituba to name those two as the ones she saw.
Why does Mrs. Putnam think Goody Osburn could be a witch? Goody Osburn was a midwife to her 3 times.
Why does Tituba “confess”? She “confessed” because she was scared for her life and pressured.

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