The Crucible Exam Study Guide

Reverend Parris Minister of Salem’s church; very concerned with his self image; paranoid man; Abigail’s uncle, and Betty’s father
Betty Parris Parris’s 10-year old daughter; falls into a “trance” after her father caught her dancing in the woods with the girls and Tituba; her and Ruth’s illnesses are what sparked the rumors of witchcraft
Tituba Reverend Parris’s slave from Barbados; agrees to perform voodoo at Abigail’s request
Abigail Williams Parris’s niece; former servant in the Proctor household, but she was fired after Elizabeth found out about the affair
Susanna Walcott Abigail’s friend; part of the group of girls who accuse people of witchcraft; she is one of the people who saw Mary Warren make the poppet in court
Ann Putnam Wife of Thomas Putnam; believes that a witch was responsible for the death of her 7 children; she is jealous of Rebecca Nurse, and ends up accusing her of witchcraft
Thomas Putnam Greedy landowner; accuses neighbors of witchcraft so he can buy their land after they hang
Ruth Putnam The Putnam’s only living child; is in the same situation as Betty after they were found in the woods; one of the girls who accuses people of witchcraft
Mercy Lewis Putnam’s servant and Abigail’s friend; participates in the witch trials by falsely accusing people of witchcraft
Marry Warren Servant for the Proctor family, and a friend of Abigail; part of the “accusers” with the other girls, but later admits that she was lying; sews a poppet and gives it to Elizabeth
John Proctor Farmer and Abigail’s former flame; openly denounces Parris, and rarely goes to church; has 3 sons
Rebecca Nurse Francis’s wife; accused of killing Ann Putnam’s 7 newborn babies; a respected individual in Salem before the trials
Francis Nurse Rebecca’s husband; farm owner and landowner
Giles Corey Martha’s husband; an old farmer; famous for his tendency to file lawsuits; pressed to death with stones at the end of the play
Martha Corey Giles’s 3rd wife; her reading habits lead to her arrest and accusation of witchcraft
Reverend John Hale Minister in Beverly who is called to Salem to see what’s wrong with Betty and see if witchcraft is responsible; supports the witch trials, but later quits the court and denounces the trials when he realizes that Abigail is lying
Elizabeth Proctor John Proctor’s wife; dismissed Abigail after learning about the affair; convicted of witchcraft, but did not hang because she was “pregnant”
Ezekiel Cheever Salem man who is the clerk in the court during the witch trials; appointed to help arrest individuals who are accused
Marshal Herrick Marshal of Salem; appointed to arrest accused individuals
Judge Hathorne Judge in the Salem court during the Salem witch trials
Deputy Governor Danforth Presiding judge during the witch trials; signs the death sentences for people who refuse to confess their crimes; refuses to delay any execution
Sarah Good Beggar in Salem; the first individual accused of witchcraft
Sarah Osborne Mentally unstable homeless lady who is one of the first accused by Abigail of witchcraft; easy target because she is at the bottom of the social system
Who said: “There is a prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits” Rebecca Nurse
Who said: “The promise that a stallion gives a mare I gave that girl!” John Proctor
Who said: “If Jacobs hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property– that’s law! And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece.” Giles Corey
Who said: “I am a minister of the Lord, and I dare not take a life without there be proof so immaculate no slightest qualm of conscience may doubt it.” Reverend Hale
Who said: “She thinks to dance on my wife’s grave! And well she might for I thought of her softly, God help me, I lusted.” John Proctor
Who said: “You cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me.” Reverend Parris
Who said: “Life, woman, life is God’s most precious gift; no principle however glorious, may justify the taking of it.” Reverend Hale
Who said: “How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name.” John Proctor
What were Betty and Abigail doing in the forest when Reverend Parris frightened them? dancing and conjuring spirits with Tituba
What do the Putnams & Reverend Parris have in common at the beginning of the story? They both have sick and bewitched daughters
In what year did the play take place? 1692
T/F: Betty is possessed by a witch False
What does Betty do when she wakes up from her trance? She screams
Who drinks blood in the woods? Abigail Williams
Who said they should confess about dancing in the woods? Mary Warren
What is Reverend Parris’s biggest concern? His reputation
Why does Tituba admit to being a witch? She knows it’ll save her life
T/F: If you admitted to being a witch, your life was spared True
What cultural group is this play about? Puritans
Why is Reverend Hale asked to visit? He can prove if there are witches or not
How did Abigail’s affair with Proctor end? Elizabeth fired her and John had nothing to do with it
Define crucible: A severe test or trial
Who has 7/8 children die shortly after giving birth to them? Ann Putnam
John Proctor and Thomas Putnam have a dispute over: Land
Who gives Elizabeth Proctor the poppet? Mary Warren, their servant
Who was held at the highest rank in Salem? Reverends
What does Abigail admit to John Proctor? That she is lying about witches
The play is an allegory for what event? McCarthyism & the red scare
Why does Giles Corey say that his wife has been reading strange books He wants to ask about something he thinks is important; he is genuinely concerned
Where does Act 2 take place? Proctor house
What did Mary Warren say about Sarah Good? Sarah choked her in court and made her sick before
What commandment does John not know? Thou shall not commit adultery
T or F: Abigail confesses to lying about seeing manifestations of the devil? False
Who denounced the court when John was arrested? Reverend John Hale
What does Giles Corey accuse Putnam of doing? Killing people for land
Which character questions Proctor about his religious beliefs? Judge Danforth
What does Abigail suggest in order to stop being questioned? That Jude Danforth is possessed
Who does John tell that Abigail stated the children’s sickness had nothing to do with witchcraft? Rev. John Hale
Hale is surprised that Elizabeth does not believe in what? Witches
What is Rebecca Nurse charged with? Killing Ann Putnam’s babies
How many people had signed the document given to Danforth by Proctor? 91
How many death warrants were signed by reverend John Hale? 72
Why was the offer to spare Elizabeth’s life for one year made? Elizabeth was pregnant
What does Proctor tell Danforth that Abigail has done while in church? She laughed
What does Abigail say about Elizabeth and poppets? Elizabeth always keeps poppets in the house.
Who accused John Proctor of being a witch? Mary Warren
Who said “How do you call heaven! ****! ****!” John Proctor; he was talking to Abigail
Why did Giles Corey get arrested? He refused to give the name of the man who gave him information. (Putnam telling Ruth to accuse someone for their land)
Who offered to spare Elizabeth’s life for one year? Danforth
What does John Proctor accuse Abigail of? Wanting to murder Elizabeth
Who said “I’ll cut your throat, Putnam, I’ll kill you yet!”? Giles Corey, in court, while being arrested.
If Mary Warren tells the truth (while confessing to pretense in court) now, what will happen to her? She will go to jail because she has lied in court.
Everyone’s back was to Elizabeth in court except: Judge Danforth- he was the one questioning Elizabeth
What do the girls do when a “bird” flies into the courtroom? What color was the “bird”. They repeat everything Marry Warren says. The “bird” was yellow.
Who lied, in court, about John’s behavior with Abigail? What behavior did he/she lie about? Elizabeth Proctor; she lied about John’s affair.
In the book, adultery is primarily referred to as? Lechery
Judge and Deputy governor… has great power in the trials Judge Danforth
What proof does Cheever give that John Proctor isn’t a God-loving person? He plows his fields on Sundays
Who is referred to as “friend” or “old boy?” Satan/Devil
What was John Proctor accused of? talking to the devil, threatening Mary Warren’s life if Elizabeth hangs; Mary accused him so she could save her own life
What does Judge Hathorne ask Mary Warren to do that she cannot do? Faint on command
Who’s last words were “more weight” Giles Corey
What event inspired Arthur Miller to write this play? McCarthy Hearing and the Red Scare
What was Sarah Good accused of? Marry Warren and the girls felt sick after Sarah was mumbling; claimed that she was chocking them during the court trials
What was Thomas Putnam’s motivation? Gaining land
This person reads “strange” books Martha Correy
Who is Ezekiel Cheever He is the clerk of the court
What was Marry Warren’ s motivation for acting the way that she did Fear; wanting to be accepted
What is the definition of crucible? A severe test or trial
Why does Giles Correy say that his wife has been reading strange books He wants to ask about something that he is truly believes is important; he is not trying to accuse her of being a witch
What is another term for witch Hag
What was Elizabeth Proctor accused of she not Abigails breasts, stabbed Abigail in chest via puppet
What was Abigail Williams motivation Her love for Proctor and she was a psychopath
What news does Rev. Parris give in Act 4? Abigail Williams and Mercy Lewis have stolen all of his money and ran away on a boat..
What does Abigail Williams grow up to be? A prostitute
What is Danforth’s motivation for not wanting to find the girls’ accusations false? He will be blamed for the deaths of innocent people (he will have innocent blood on his hands), and his reputation will be ruined
What is Elizabeth’s motivation for lying about John’s affair? She wants to protect his good name because she loves him
What is the name of the government in which church and state are merged Theocracy
What 2 things does Elizabeth blame herself for? John’s affair and having a cold house
What is Betty Parris’ motivation? She is upset for being caught in the woods, she is afraid that Abigail will kill her
Who said “He is trying to over throw the court your honor” Reverend Parris
What was George Jacobs accused of? He sent his spirit to Ruth Putnam @ night and had it lay on her so she could not breathe
What was Marry Warren accused of? She sent a cold wind on the girls; she sent her spirit in the form of a big yellow bird to claw their faces off
Who was charged for putting a curse on Walcott’s pigs? Martha Corey
Who charged Elizabeth Proctor with witchcraft? Abigail
T/F: Mary knows about the affair between Abigail and John True
Who witnessed Mary making the poppet in court? Susanna and Abigail
To save his wife, John must tell the court that he: committed adultery with Abigail Williams
Who got sentenced to death being pressed by stones? Giles Corey
How did Reverend Hale try to right his wrongs? He tried to get many people to confess in order to save them
Why does Proctor refuse to sign his confession? He doesn’t want to lose his good name
What was in Parris’s door near the beginning of Act 4? A dagger
Who does Abigail escape with? Mercy Lewis
Why does John Proctor decide to rip his warrant to pieces? He would rather die for honesty than be freed for a lie
Elizabeth tells John that in their marriage, she has been guilty of being: cold
Why is the news in Andover so relevant to the court in Salem? People in Andover have rioted against the court
Why did John refuse to say that he saw Rebecca Nurse with the devil? He will not ruin another person’s name

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