The Crucible Crossword Puzzle Review

A self-searching farmer burndened by the guilt of his affair Proctor
“There is no prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits.” Rebecca
A Harvard graduate and ‘fire and brimstone’ kind of minister Parris
She runs away with Abigail in Act IV Mercy
The author of The Crucible Miller
A plain, honest women who loves and respects her husband Elizabeth
A calculating, manipulative and mischievous 17 year old who leads the witch accusations Abigail
John and Abigail are guilty of committing what crime Adultery
Putnam hopes to acquire more of this as a result of the witch hunt Land
The underlying motives for most characters in this play is this Revenge
He quits the proceedings because he recognized the truth Hale
The only way to save yourself from death was to do this Confess
She is the first to confess to being a witch Tituba
An over-confident judge who feels it is his responsibility to purge society of all evil Danforth
His refusal to handover for his confession is to preserve his ___ in the end Name
Parris is more concerned about money and this than the effect the trials will have on his congregation Reputation
A government dictated by the church Theocracy
He seeks revenge against Francis Nurse because he is jealous of his success and children Putnam
The acronym for the five tenants of puritanism Tiles
She pretends to be inert and later becomes one of the “afflicted girls” who name names Betty
Presents the warrants for the arrest of his friends Rebecca, Martha and Elizabeth Cheever
Dies an unusual death to protect the rights of his children to his land and dies a Christian Giles
She asks Tituba to conjure the spirits of her siblings Ruth
Abigail stole her uncle’s life ___ Savings
She was accused of reading strange books Martha
A soft spoken, quiet girl who works in the Proctor home Mary
Giles Corey’s dying words were “More ___”. Weight

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