the crucible crossword 4

material proof evidence
he was an expert spirit remover Hale
john; he tries to make people see the truth Proctor
black magic; sorcery witchcraft
rebecca nurse
something that shows the existence of a fact sign
object of the Putnams’ dispute with the nurse land
bad evil
the christian holy book Bible
method of execution using a rope hang
Parris wanted a deed and this along with his salary firewood
Giles Corey
Play division act
Rebecca is full of it holiness
the act of pretending pretense
Mr. Nurse Francis
Parris’ slave women from Barbados tituba
one who tells the truth is this hanged
John’s wift Elizabeth
women who practices witchcraft witch
moves with rhythm dance
she is the primary cause of the witch hunts Abigail
Thomas Putnam was this about his situation in life bitter
the creator God

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