The Crucible Crossword

A large, Merciless girl who intimidates others and is the one who runs naked in the forect Mercy Lewis
A wealthy business man who uses the Witch Trials to profit from Thomas Putnam
A neighboring town where the citizens begin to overthrow the courts Andover
A man who speaks too loudly and often but has a good heart; dies by being pressed Giles Corey
A slave from Barbados who is whipped until she names people who supposedly conspired with the devil Tituba
A local reverend who seems to care more for wealth and prestige than for family and holiness Samuel Parris
a young, inexperienced reverend who attempts to root out witches but ends up condemning others to die John Hale
Her husband mentions that she reads unapproved books and acts secretly at times (Causes her conviction later) Martha Corey
named Tituba as a witch only after Mr. Putnam supplies her with the name Goody Osburn
A man who gains wealth and respect on his own. Mr. Putnam is jealous of him. Francis Nurse
A woman known throughout new England for her good works and charity Rebecca Nurse
A man who condemns others to die after hearing their claims Judge Hathorne
A guard at the jail Hopkins
the local constable who shows his shame by drinking to forget the pain; oversees the jail Marshal Herrick
a young girl who is first “Afflicted” by spirits Betty Parris
A tragic hero who chooses moral goodness ad spiritual purity despite the consequences John Proctor
a homeless woman accused and convicted of witch craft Sarah Good
A jealous bitter woman who lost many babies early in their lives Ann Putnam
A stubborn selfish man who would rather allow innocent people to die then admit any wrong doing Judge Danforth
a morally upright woman whose only lie dooms her husband and others Elizabeth Proctor
A former friend of the Proctors who soon does the bidding of the unjust court Ezekiel Cheever
Setting of the Crucible Salem, Massachussets
a timid, weak girl who gives inot the other girls’ false accusations against the innocent Mary Warren
A teenager whose desire for a married man dooms the village Abigail Willaism

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