The Crucible – Characters

Reverend Parris He was the minister of the church in Salem, uncle to Abigail, and father of Betty. He was paranoid, greedy, gullible and quick to “save his own skin.”
Betty Parris She was Rev. Parris’s daughter and Abigail’s cousin. She had a strange illness: one of the afflicted girls, danced in the woods, and “goes with the flow.”
Tituba She was Rev. Parris’s black slave from Barbados. Abigail gave her up as a witch. She was dancing and making charms in the woods.
John Proctor He was a main character and had an affair with Abigail. He was married to Elizabeth and has 3 (4) children. He was a land owner, farmer who lived outside of Salem, tried to save his accused wife, and was hung.
Elizabeth Proctor She was John Proctor’s wife. She fired Abigail Williams, and was sick for a long time. She was accused of witchcraft by Abby, and she lied about the affair in an attempt to save John.
Abigail Williams She was Rev. Parris’s niece and cousin to Betty. Her parents were dead, had an affair with John Proctor, was dancing in the woods, and drank blood. She was the witch-accuser-ring-leader, accused people she didn’t like of witchcraft, and ran away with Mercy Lewis.
Susanna Walcott She belonged to Abigail’s group, one of the accusers, and one of the 12 girls.
Mary Warren She was one from the group in the woods, and gave a deposition to the court saying that she and the other girls were just pretending. She said John Proctor was the “devil’s man.” She is the game changer.
Mercy Lewis She danced naked in the woods and was one of the accusers. She ran away with Abigail to Barbados.
Thomas Putnam He was Ann’s husband and Ruth’s father. He was greedy for land and quick to agree to accusations against people who had land he wanted .
Ann Putnam She was Thomas Putnam’s wife and Ruth’s mother. She gave birth to eight children and only one survived. She accused Rebecca Nurse of killing her children.
Ruth Putnam She was the only surviving Putnam child. She had a strange illness, danced in the woods and one of the 12 accusers. She accused George Jacobs to get land for her father.
Sarah Osborn and Sarah Good They were beggars in the town and hanged as a witches.
Rebecca Nurse She was an old grandmotherly character. All her children survived. She was accused of witchcraft by Ann Putnam and was hung.
Francis Nurse He was Rebecca’s husband. He was a wealthy, landowner, lived next to Putnam, was not a fan of the trials, and was hung.
Giles Corey He was Martha’s husband. He was a strong, grumpy old man. He liked to sue people and refused to give up his informants. He was pressed to death.
Martha Corey Giles’s wife
Reverend Hale He was thought to be an expert on witchcraft and was sent from Beverly to help the city of Salem. At first he was happy about the the witch trials, because he thought that he was doing God’s work, but later questioned it after signing 17 death warrants. He quit the court.
Judge Hathorne He was the secondary judge who wanted true justice in the courts and wanted everyone to be heard equally. He was also the normal judge in Salem.
Ezekiel Cheever He was an official of the court, like a policeman.
Deputy Governor Danforth He was the primary judge in the trials and govenor of Massachusetts. He believed the accusers (the girls.)

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