The Crucible – Character Motivation

Reverend Parris the fact that he has many enemies who want him gone from Salem doesn’t want people to find out the truth about what happened in the woods wants to persecute his enemies
Betty Parris scared to get in trouble
Tituba she knows she can never win because of who she is she’s smart enough to know how to save herself
John Proctor doesn’t want his secret to come out his dignity his desire to do what is right
Elizabeth Proctor her faith in God to preserve her dignity to protect her husband
Abigail Williams to protect herself her desire to have John Proctor all to herself witnessing her parents’ murder
Mary Warren her fear of Mr. Proctor her fear of Abigail and the other girls
Thomas Putnam accused others as a way to gain their land wants to persecute his enemies
Ann Putnam depression from losing seven children desire for revenge for the death of her children
Rebecca Nurse her faith and her wisdom
Giles Corey to feel/look/sound important to protect the innocent
Reverend Hale his experience and knowledge his faith in the court his conscience telling his what’s the real truth

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