The Crucible: By Arthur Miller

-Originated in 1600 England -Believed in predestination (heaven or hell from birth) Puritanism
-Entering into a compact with the devil in exchange for powers to do evil Witchcraft
What individuals did Abigail and Betty blame for being the cause of their fits? Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn
-Intense suspicion of communism within the US in the early 1950’s -Blacklisted those deemed suspicious McCarthyism
-American playwright and author -Saw similarities between the witchunts in Salem to McCarthyism in the 50’s -Was investigated and prosecuted for a short time Arthur Miller
Puritan beliefs -Depravity: deeds over material goods -Bible: literal truth -Hard work: success-Education: needed to understand the bible
Why did Arthur Miller write The Crucible? It showed how people can become mad with power, such as he linked Communism with the poem.
Why do people continue to read and perform the play? Because he links it to a topic, that repeats over and over and that can be interpreted any many different ways-(Shows how the spread of power, can drive a person corrupt)-(Shows how the truth can be revealed, even though it can be covered up by a wall of lies)
Was the fear of Communism real, or imagined? It was real, because as the Soviet Union began to spread it caused mass panic around the globe about the spread of communism.
Why did Miller feel that it was necessary to write the play? He felt like it was necessary, because he wanted to speak out due to the fact people were scared of being considered a Communist, if they didn’t follow certain guidelines.
Why might it have seemed impossible to Miller? It was Impossible, because during the time people were scared of speaking out, due to the fact they could be accused of being a Communist if they believed a certain way.
Why did Miller choose to use real people from history as characters in a play? Because it shows how the life of how a young teenage girl, could cause so much disruptive in a community. Also showing the real life events of paranoia that set a tremendous downfall to most characters.
How does Miller connect himself to Proctor? He connects himself with Mr. Proctor, because he shows that even though lies can obstruct justice, the truth with always come to the surface. They both additionally shared sketchy marriages.
What’s the problem with a court accepting “spectral evidence”? Miller shows how the court were getting lazy, and charging people not because of action, but intent to do so in cases.
What “warning” is the play giving, and why does he characterize it as being “darkly attractive”? Miller is giving the warning, that some people are still wanting to be closer to evil, and how our internal self want to cause mischief even though it considered wrong in the eyes of others
Euphemism Less specific and more broad word choice
Conceit Exaggerated expression of something or someone
Analogy A juxtaposition of two similar things using an imaginary scenario
Synecdoche Figure of speech in which a part is used for a whole ex: wheels refer to a vehicle
Litotes ex: not bad at all
Metonymy A name which is automatically associated with another ex: White House = president
Syllogism Reasoning from general to specific ex: all mammals are warm blooded. Whales are mammals. Therefore whales are warm-blooded

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