The Crucible and Arthur Miller

What was Miller’s inspiration for writing The Crucible? it is an allegory (teaches a lesson) on McCarthyism
What is HAUC House of Un-American Activities Committee
Who was in charge of HUAC Senator Joseph McCarthy
What was the red scare? fear of communism in the 1950s
The setting of the entire play is? (place and year) Salem, Massachusetts 1692
Act 1 setting Parris’ house
Act 2 setting Proctor’s house
Act 3 setting court room
Act 4 setting jail
who were the puritans Protestant groups who sought to purify the church of england
What does Paris argue with his congregation about money
What is Rebecca Nurse concerned about in act 1 seeking lose spirits
Why has Proctor not had his youngest son baptized He sees no light of God in Rev. Paris
How may the people accused save themselves Confess and name others
What does cheever find in act 2 that makes him suspect witchcraft needle in the poppet
why does Rev. Hale question the proctors to get more information on the accused
what does Giles Corey accuse Thomas Putnam of using witchcraft trials to steal land
Abigail Williams Niece of Rev. Paris; vindictive lair
Anna Putman Wife of Thomas, mother of 8, but only one survived, accused of murdering by supernatural means
Betty Paris daugher of Rev. Paris; falls into a trance bc of the forest; story starts mass hysteria
Elizabeth Proctor fired Abigail after affair with her husband; religious, but bitter
Ezekiel Cheever clerk during witch trials, wants justice
Francis Nurse respectable man; enemy by Mr. and Mrs. Putnam
Giles Corey files many lawsuits, wife is accused of witchcraft, he is held in contempt until death
Herrick Marshall of Salem
John Proctor Married to Elizabeth, hates hypocrites and sinncers, yet is having an affair with Abigail, hesitates to expose bc he doesnt want to expose his good name
Judge Danforth Judge presiding during witch trials; convinced himself it’s right to get out the witchcraft
Judge Hathorne Judge at witch trails; relative of Nathaniel Hawthorne, but added the “w” bc he didnt want to be associated with the witch trials
Martha Corey Gile’s Corey third wife; reading habits lead to her arrest and conviction for witchcraft
Mary Warren Servant to the Proctors; shy, lonely and naive, a conformist who renounces her confession
Mercy Lewis servant to the Putmans; fat, sly, and merciless; joins Abigails group
Rebecca Nurse Kind and gentle, refuses to confess when accuse of witchcraft
Reverend John Hale expert on witchcraft; wants to find out the truth
Reverend Parris Minister of Salem, power-hungry, paranoid, and self-pityinh
Ruth Putman only surviving daughter; danced in woods, falls into trance
Thomas Putman Uses witch trials for personal financial gain; accuses others of witchcraft
Tituba Rev. Parris black slave from Barbados; agrees to persom voodoo at Abigails request

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