The Crucible- Acts 3 & 4

Who is being charged as Act 3 begins? Martha Corey
Of what does Giles Corey accuse Thomas Putnam? Taking advantage of trials to acquire more land
How is Corey treated? Poorly; he is threatened with contempt and thrown out
Why does Giles feel guilty? In Act 1, he mentioned the books to Reverend Hale. His statement led to his wife’s arrest.
What do Proctor and Mary Warren bring with them as evidence? They have a deposition signed by Mary saying that the girls’ actions are fraudulent.
How does Danforth measure his own worth? by the number of people he has sentenced to jail and hanging
What does Parris do when Proctor attempts to make his case? He calls in to question Proctor’s Christian faith
What is happening to Hale at this point? He is suspecting the trial is a hoax
What do the judges conclude about Mary’s statement? The judges think Mary & Proctor are lying. They are trying to undermine the court’s endeavors.
What news does Danforth give Proctor about his wife? She is pregnant
Why did the court not believe her at first? There was no sign of it when they examined her body. They believe she was trying to avoid being hanged.
What does Proctor tell Danforth about Elizabeth? She cannot lie.
What offer is made to Proctor by Danforth? She will live another month, and if she begins to show her natural signs, she will live another year.
What happens to the people who signed the deposition upholding the three women? They all get arrested
What does Giles Corey charge in his deposition against Thomas Putnam? attempting to kill his neighbors in order to buy land
How does Putnam answer and who is believed? The charge can’t be proven because Giles Corey won’t give up the name
What does Mary Warren’s deposition claim? She has not seen the Devil and the girls are lying
What does Hale suggest after the deposition is read? Proctor needs to return to court with a lawyer
Why does Danforth not allow Proctor to obtain a lawyer? The evidence is invisible, and the lawyer would only bring in irrelevant evidence.
How does Abigail respond to Mary’s claim? She denies it, saying they are not pretending.
What behavior of Abby’s does Proctor bring to the judges’ attention and why? She laughed during prayer.
How does Reverend Parris react to these charges against Abigail? He says that she was under Tituba’s power, but she is solemn now.
How is Mary asked to prove that the girls have been lying? She must pretend to faint.
What does Abigail do when Mary insists that the girls have all been lying? She says that Mary is sending her spirit on her.
What does Proctor finally call Abigail? a woe
Who is brought in to back up this accusation, and what does she do? Elizabeth; she lies about it
How does Mary finally respond to Abby’s behavior? She succumbs out of terror toward Abby. She joins in on the accusation of Proctor.
What happens to Proctor at the end of the act? He is accused of being a witch and jailed.
What does Hale do? Quits the court
What are Tituba and Sarah Good discussing as the act opens? They’re talking about the Devil giving them wings and letting them fly to Barbados
What have Abigail and Mary Lewis done? Abby and Mercy have been missing for three days because they ran with all of Parris’ money.
What happened in Andover? A court in the town was overturned for thinking that people in the town are witches
Why is Parris afraid to hang John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse in the morning? He’s afraid what happened in Andover will also happen in Salem
Why does Parris request a postponement of the hangings? He hopes people will confess instead of searching for them and making arrests.
What does Hale request instead of a postponement? He requests a pardon
Why does Danforth refuse Hale’s request? It would be unfair to the other people who were hung
What has Hale been advising the condemned to do? He advises them to lie and confess, so they can save their own lives
What does Hale plead with Elizabeth to do? He told Elizabeth John needs to lie and confess
Why does Hale believe a lie would not be a sin in this case? It is better to lie than throw away God’s most precious gift of life.
Have any of the other prisoners confessed? Over hundreds have confessed
What reasons does John give for not confessing? He will ruin his name
What has John decided to do before he sees Elizabeth? He was considering confessing
What does Elizabeth want him to do? whatever he wants to do
How has Elizabeth changed? She has softened. She is no longer as cold.
What reasons does John have for not telling the truth and going to his death? He says he isn’t a saint and deserves to die
Why is Rebecca Nurse brought in to witness Proctor’s confession? They hope if she sees Proctor confessing, she will do the same
Why does Proctor refuse to name the names of the other witches? He does not want to ruin someone else’s name and he can only judge himself
Why does Proctor refuse to give Danforth the paper with his signature on it?
What does Proctor do with the signed confession?
How has Proctor earned his death? He sees some good in himself.

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