The Crucible Acts 1 and 2 Study

Why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor as the play begins? Betty is sick
What does Parris question his niece Abigail about? Of what happened in the forest and were dealing with the devil
What did Parris see in the woods the previous night? A dress, someone naked, the girls dancing and Tituba waving her hands over the fire
What does Abigail say she was dismissed by the Proctors? She hated Mrs. Proctor
What does Betty Parris reveal about what happened in the woods? Abby drank blood saying that she was doing witchcraft
What threat does Abigail make to the other girls? to stab them in the middle of the night, to kill them if they say what happened
What happened in the past between John Proctor and Abigail ? How do each of them feel about it now? They had an affair, she wanted to be with him but he told her that it meant nothing and its over.
How does John Proctor feel about Reverend Parris? Dislikes him because he’s not talking about God anymore only about hell, money
What is the dispute between John Proctor and Thomas Putnam ? who owns the piece of land with timber
What does Giles Corey reveal to Reverend Hale? He is worried because his wife is reading strange books at night. one night he couldn’t pray until she stopped reading a book. (witchcraft)
When Abigail is questioned by Reverend Hale, who does she blame? What proof does she offer? She blames that Tituba made her drink blood, comes to her in her dreams and makes her laugh during prayer
What ultimatum is Tituba given ? Confess to being a witch or be wiped until you die (wiped to death)
Who does Tituba accuse of being a witch? Sarah Good and Goody Osburn/Sarah Osburn
Why does Abigail start accusing people at this point ? When Tituba saves herself by “confessing”. Which makes Abigail decide to do the same.
Why does Betty Parris start accusing people? she follows Abigail’s and Tituba’s example
Define Dissembling concealing one’s true motives
Define Propriety acting correctly in a situation
Define Deference is couteous respect or regard
Define Compromise to endanger the reputation or interests of ; to expose to suspicion
Define Pretense a false show or appearance, especially for the purpose of deceiving ; falseness
Define Contention Verbal argument or struggle ; quarreling
Define Prodigious amazing
Define Canny sharp, clever, and careful in one’s dealings with others
Why has Mary Warren disobeyed her employers and gone to Salem? She is an official of the court, accusing people of being witches.
What did Abigail Williams reveal to John Proctor? Elizabeth reminds him of this. to tell them that Abigail said that what they did had nothing to do with witchcraft.
What lie did John Proctor tell to Elizabeth which makes her more suspicious of him? he had been at Reverend Parris house and told his wife that he was with Abigail alone but he confessed to be with her for just a sec.
What news does Mary Warren reveal to John and Elizabeth about the trials? That 39 has been accused and Sarah Good will be hanged if not confess
What does Mary Warren mean when she says, “I saved her life today!”? Elizabeth was accused. Using her position in the court to boss people around
What does Elizabeth realize when she finds out that she has been accused? Abigail wants Elizabeth dead so she can marry John.
What does Elizabeth ask John to do? To go to Abigail and tell her that she was just a bad person for sleeping with him. That the relationship meant nothing and that she was just used
Why does Reverend Hale visit the Proctors? He is investigating the stories that he heard in the court (make his own opinion about the Proctors).
What does Reverend Hale ask Proctor to do? to recite the Ten Commandments
Discuss the meaning of “Adultery, John.” Ironic his wife said this and that it was something that he did. He forgot this commandment.
What information does John Proctor reveal to Reverend Hale? Abigail admitted to John that there was no witchcraft going on
What news does Giles Corey reveal to the Proctors and Reverend Hale? Rebecca Nurse and Corey were taken into Jail
What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of? for the murder of Goody Putnam’s babies, she is jealous of Rebecca nurse
Why do Ezekial Cheever and Marshal Herrick arrive at the Proctor home? they have a warrant to arrest Elizabeth
Explain why Cheever is both astonished and afraid when he finds the poppet with the needle in it? Abigail had fallen over screaming with a needle in her side.
What does John ask Mary Warren to do? He wants her to explain to the court that she made the poppet (not Elizabeth )
Why is Mary so afraid to do as he asks? She says that Abigail will kill her
Why does Mary Warren warn John about testifying against Abigail? She will “charge lechery” (reveal the affaire) and ruin him
What does John decide to do? He tells Mary that they will both testify in court against Abigail. Although it will ruin him, he can’t allow Elizabeth to die. (go to court and tell the truth).
Define Weighty important
Define Ameliorate to improve a situation that was unpleasant or unbearable before
Define Base morally low ; dishonorable

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