The Crucible: Act Two

Where does Elizabeth want John to go, and what doeas she want him to do there? She wants him to go to Abigail to see if he might be able to snap her out of the trouble she is causing.
What is John’s response to Elizabeth’s prodding? He’s reluctant, though he knows it’s the right thing to do, because he doesn’t want to involve himself in drama.
What gift did Mary give Elizabeth? The Poppet.
What was the “evidence” against Sarah Good? She couldn’t recite her commandments.
Why doesn’t Proctor want Mary to go back to court? He doesn’t think it’s a fair court and he doesn’t want him or Mary muddled in it further.
Why does Elizabeth think Abigail wants to kill her? Because she thinks/knows Abby wants to take her place as Goody Proctor.
Why did Hale come to Proctor’s house? To find information about the accused.
What things are “suspicious” about Proctor and his family? Their lack of church attendance, they haven’t baptized their youngest son, and when John was reciting the Ten Commandments he forgot adultery.
Hale asks Elizabeth if she believes in witches. What is her reply? If she herself is a witch, then there are no such things. But if the Bible says it, then it must be true.
On what charge(s) was Rebecca Nurse arrested? The murder(s) of the Putnam children.
Why does Cheever come to Proctor’s house? To arrest Elizabeth.
Explain the significance of the needle in the Poppet? The doll was to represent a voodoo doll. Elizabeth’s spirit was said to have stabbed Abigail with a needle. The needle was in the Poppet.
What will happen to Proctor if he tries to discredit Abby? She’ll discredit his name.
Why doesn’t Mary want to testify about the doll? She’s afraid of Abby; she’s scared the girls will turn on her.

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