The Crucible Act One Comprehension and Analysis

What is wrong with Betty Parris? She has been cursed by the spell, she was sick in a comma.
How does Tituba react to Betty’s condition? Frightened and worried.
What news does Susanna bring from the doctor? That he cannot discover no medicine for it in his books.
What rumor is circulating about Betty? That he is touched by witchcraft; that she can fly.
How does Abigail initially defend the girls’ behavior in the woods? Abigail was dancing, It was sport.
Why is Reverend Parris so worried about his reputation? He knows no one likes him, and there is a “party” that wants him fired.
What did Parris see in the woods? He saw Mercy naked through the tree.
What does Abigail claim is the reason she was discharged from the Proctor household? She would not be Elizabeth slave. Elizabeth is evil and sniveling. Elizabeth doesn’t like Abigail.
In what condition is Ruth Putnam? Ruth was cursed the same as Betty.
Briefly describe Thomas Putnam. A man with many grievances.
Why did Mrs. Putnam enlist Tituba’s help? Because Tituba knows how to speak to the dead.
Why did Abigail drink blood? Because she wants to kill John Proctor’s wife.
How does Abigail threaten the other girls? She smashes Betty across her face, and wants to kill her.
Briefly describe John Proctor. A farmer in his middle thirties.
What happens when John and Abigail are left alone? They were having affair.
What does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty and Ruth’s sickness? Rebecca thinks Ruth would wake in time. she did not say anything about Betty.
Why is Reverend Parris dissatisfied with his job in Salem? He was the third Reverend.
About what are Proctor and Putnam fighting? Land ownership – Lumber
Describe Reverend Hale. For what reason has he been called to Salem? Reverend Hale is a younger preacher. To get rid of the spell. Called to Salem to detect witchcraft; thinks he smart.
What is Giles Corey’s complaint about his wife? That she close her book and walked out of the house.
Why does Tituba finally “confess”? What do you think of her reactions? What do you think will happen as a result? She is threatened to be beat until she confesses.
Why do you think the girls begin their accusations when they could have just let Tituba take the blame for everything? The girls realize out easy it is now.
What does the girls’ behavior tell you about the youth of Salem? Cite examples from the text to support your response. They have been raised so strictly and severely that they want to break the rules and be in control.
Infer why Tituba acts the way she does towards Reverend Parris. She is nervous and scared around him because she knows she will.
Based on the context, what does Reverend Parris mean when he asks Abigail if her name is “entirely white?” Pure. Is there anything she has done that is shameful and embarrassing to them?
Why did Mrs. Putnam so concerned about the condition of her daughter? Ruth is her only child. All the others died.
What has happened in Abigail’s past that causes the other girls to fear her? She saw her parents killed by Indians.
How does Abigail characterize Elizabeth proctor (Goody Proctor) to Reverend Parris and John Proctor? Cite evidence from the text to support your response. “bitter, cold, sniveling woman gossiping liar” cold, sniveling woman”
Explain how Rebecca Nurse establishes credibility after she calms Betty Parris. She says she has 11 children and 26 grandchildren.
Justify Abigail’s decision to accuse Tituba. She feels pressured by Hale and by Parris so she blames Tituba.
If you were Hale or Parris, how would you question Tituba to uncover what had happened in the woods? ask simpler questions, give more time to respond; asked her alone.
How might the events of Act I have unfolded if Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor had not left the house? They would have defended Tituba and stand up for what was right John would have told what he knew.

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