The Crucible Act IV Comprehension

What is Reverend Hale doing at the jailhouse? praying and trying to get confessions.
What does Danforth’s reaction to Reverend Hale’s presence in the jail reveal about him? It reveals that Danforth thinks he has the ultimate authority. It also shows that he might feel threatened by Mr. Hale
What is happening to the farm and animals town of Salem? Why do you think this is happening? Cows are wandering the streets because they have no owners to take care of them; many families have abandoned their homes and farms.
What happened to Abigail and Mercy Lewis? They stole Parris’s money and ran away
What happened in the town of Andover? Why is Parris afraid of the news? They rioted against a similiar witch hunt and executions; he is afraid the people of Salem will riot as well
What does Parris suggest to Danforth? Why does he make this suggestion? postpone execution- afraid for his life
What other indications does Hale give that the town is falling apart? children are wondering the streets alone looking for food.
What does Hale mean when he says, “There is blood on my head! Can’t you see the blood on my head?!” He feels he is responsible for the executions because he was the supposed expert and didn’t stop all the executions
Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings? His reputation. He has already hanged 12.
How much time has passed since the trial first began? 3 months
How does Hale attempt to establish trust with Elizabeth? He tells her he isn’t connected with the court and visits on his own
What does Elizabeth say happened to Giles Corey? He was pressed to death
What was Proctor contemplating doing? Confessing
Why does Reverend Parris offer Proctor cider? Parris may have a shred of guilt and remorse for what has happened
What do Danforth and Parris plan to do with Proctor’s confession? Post it on the church door.
Why does Proctor retract his confession? Because the officials demand that he sign his name to it
What does Proctor do with the confession? Tears it up and is taken to be executed
What does Parris mean when he says that Proctor’s name is weighty? Proctor has a good reputation in Salem
How does Rebecca’s refusal to sign a confession help reinforce what we know of her as a character? It reinforces the idea that Rebecca is an honest Christian
What does Elizabeth mean by: “He have goodness now. God forbid I take it from him”? John did the right thing

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