The Crucible Act III

What is the setting of Act III? the meeting house of Salem now being used as a court house
How do Proctor, Francis and Giles plan to use Mary Warren’s testimony to prove that “heaven is not speaking through the children”? they are trying to convince them that the girls are playing a joke, lying to save themselves for trouble because they were dancing in the woods
What is the significance of Proctor plowing on a Sunday? it is the Sabbath so therefore, working on the Sabbath is breaking one of the ten commandments and a sin
How do Danforth and Hathorne attempt to get Proctor to drop the charge that Mary Warren has lied? Why do they want him to do so? Why does Proctor refuse? they call his bluff- saying its not a real court. Proctor does not help Giles or Francis.
Why are Proctor, Francis, and Giles repeatedly accused of attacking the court? interrupting the court and bringing up counterevidence
Why is Putnam brought into the court? Giles accuses him of manipulating Ruth Putnam to cry witch on his neighbor so that Putnam could get his land.
Why is Giles accused of contempt of court? because he refuses to give the name of the man (his informant) who gave the info about Putnam and his neighbor
What is the significance of the point made by Danforth that “no uncorrupted man may fear this court”? Is this true? How does this point tie the court and the church together? He believes in the fairness of the court- but the ironic thing is every innocent person who has been brought to that court is found guilty. Even Jesus was innocent and found guilty
Why does Hale suggest that Proctor should have a lawyer? What does this tell us about Hale’s feelings about the justice of the trial? Is this a change in attitude? Why does Danforth refuse? He is a farmer and won’t get a fair trial- Hale is beginning to change his mind about the proceedings
What is contained in Mary Warren’s deposition? Why are the other children who have cried out brought in? She never saw any spirits. To see how everything plays out and if Mary will tell the truth with the other children.
What does Abigail say about Mary’s testimony? Why does she lie? She knows she’s lying- she lies to protect herself
What role does Parris play during the testimony? Why does he lie about the dancing in the woods? He keeps bringing stuff up and replaying stuff over and over again. He lies to protect himself and his reputation. He lies about seeing them naked.
What point does Hawthorne make about Mary fainting? Why can’t she faint on command? If she faints on command, then they’ll think all the girls can faint on command. She doesn’t know who’s side to take.
How does Danforth confuse Mary Warren? Danforth says that Mary Warren’s appearance might be an attack on the court. They question her too much.
What does Abigail do to befuddle Mary? She mocks her and says she sees a yellow bird and her and the girls scream and say they are freezing because Mary summoned a cold wind.
What secret does Proctor reveal about himself and Abigail? Why does he reveal it? He tells the court he had an affair with her- and that she wants to still be with him. He tells this to the court so they know Abigail’s motivation for wanted Elizabeth dead.
Why does Elizabeth deny John’s relationship with Abigail? What is the result of her denial? She denies it to save his “good name”, his reputation but the result is that now she has lied and they don’t believe them.
What evidence is there that Hale no longer believes the testimony and crying out of the girls? He leaves the court.
What do the girls do to convince the men otherwise? Why? How does their action further befuddle Mary? What does Mary do? They mock Mary enough so that she is scared for her own life- Mary ultimately changes her story to save herself and tells them John Proctor has bewitched her.
What does Hale denounce at the end of Act III? the court proceeding
What does John’s confession reveal about his character? he really does love his wife and would rather have his affair and shame made public than harm come to her
What accusation does Hawthorne make of Martha Corey? bewitching the pigs so they don’t live past 4 weeks
What is illogical about Danforth’s statement to Francis Nurse? his wife will be hanged before he submits a written plea and it’s looked at in due time
What new testimony does Mary Warren give? That she and the other girls have lied.
What makes Danforth’s statement about the “pure in heart” an example of verbal irony? if you were pure in heart and wouldn’t lie, then you would have no need of a lawyer
What is Danforth’s basic argument about witnesses and witchcraft? that the only proof of witchcraft is from the victim’s witness so all you need is to be accused
Why is the effect of Elizabeth’s testimony ironic? because John said she was someone who never lied, but her lie just condemned him
What does the audience know that Elizabeth does NOT when she testifies about her husband? that her husband has already revealed the truth of his affair
What is ironic about Mary Warren’s statement, “I have no power” her testimony and her change in testimony will be al the proof they need to condemn innocent people

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