The Crucible Act III

Why do Giles and Francis want to see Danforth? They want to persuade the judge that their wives are good women.
What is Parris’s argument against Proctor? Parris says that Proctor is trying to overthrow the court.
Why did Danforth grant Elizabeth extra time? she said she was pregnant
Of what does Giles accuse Putnam? he accuses him of killing his neighbors for their land
What is Hale’s problem as Proctor and his frinds present evidence to Danforth? he begins to realize that the people who have been accused and sentenced so far could very well have been innocent.
Hathorne thinks of a test for Mary. What is it? he asks her to faint
What do the girls do to Mary? they pretend that her spirit is coming to get them.
Which line best expresses the real truth behind the trials? “…private vengeance is working through his testimony!”
Giles Corey is arrested because he refuses to …? Name the person who accused Putnam of grabbing land.
Hale begins seriously to doubt the morality and motivations of the trials when he …? Signs Rebeca’s death sentence.
Francis Nurse is terrified when Danforth insists on questioning the people who signed his petition because he …? promised no harm would come to them.
Hale denounces the proceedings of the court because he? believes the testimony of Mary Warren and John Proctor.
Whose trial is going on at the beginning of Act 3? Martha Corey
All of the following say they have proof that the girls are frauds except? Reverend Parris
All of the following are offered as proof that the girls are frauds except:? John Proctor’s deposition stating that he had an affair with Abigail Williams.
What does Proctor find out about his wife from Danforth? she is pregnant
What happens to Giles Corey? He is pressed
What does Abigail do when confronted by Hawthorne about the cries of witchcraft being lies? she acts offended that he would even question her, she attempts to leave the rooom and she pretends to see Mary Warren’s spirit in the form of a yellow bird.
What does Proctor end up confessing about himself? he had an affair with Abigail
How does Danforth check Proctor’s story? he brings Elizabeth in and asks her why she fired Abigail
How does Mary Warren react under the pressure of the girls? she breaks down and points her finger at John Proctor saying he is with the devil
In Act Three, the details of the setting create a mood that is …? gloomy and forbidding
When Abigail says to Danforth, “Think you be so mighty that the power ofHell may not turn your wits? Beware of it!” she is …? using her power to threaten him.
What can you conclude about Parris from Act Three? He truly fears for his life.
Elizabeth Proctor did not tell Danforth that Abigail was a harlot because she …? wanted to save John’s reputation.

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