The Crucible, Act I Vocabulary Warm-up Word Lists

Plot The sequence of events that happen in a story. Follow a series of phases that, taken together, are called the “dramatic arc.” Always driven by a conflict.
Conflict Struggle between opposing forces.
Rising Action The conflict is introduced and begins to build
Climax The conflict reaches its moment of greatest intensity. This is the turning point, when an event signals the final outcome
Falling Action The conflict diminishes and approaches resolution
Resolution The conflict ends
Dramatic exposition Prose commentaries
Predilection N. Preexisting preference
Ingratiating Adj. charming; flattering
Dissembling N. Concealment of one’s real nature or motives
Calumny N. False accusation; slander
Inculcation N. Teaching by repetition and urging
Propitiation N. Action designed to soothe
Evade V. Avoid or escape by deceit or cleverness
Autocratic Adj. dictatorial
Faction N. Party or interest group
Homage N. Respectful attention
Hypocrisy N. Pretending to believe something you do not
Paradox N. Apparent contradiction
Somber Adj. serious; solemn
Villainous Adj. evil
Vindictive Adj. vengeful
Anarchy N. State of chaos
Blatantly Adv. very openly; brazenly
Defamation N. Slander
Drastic Adj. severe; harsh; extreme
Parochial Adj. narrow-minded
Propriety N. Conformity with what is proper or fitting
Rankle V. Irritate; anger
Squabble N. Small quarrel

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