“The Crucible” Act 4 Vocab

Presently Quote: “Presently footsteps are heard” (121).Definition: At this time or periodSynonym: soonAntonym: before
Stench Quote: “There is a prodigious stench”(124).Definition: A strong, foul odor; a stink.Synonym: stinkAntonym: fragrance
Gaunt Quote: “He is gaunt” (125).Definition: very thin usually because of illness or sufferingSynonym: scrawnyAntonym: chubby
Agape Quote: “Danforth stands agape” (126).Definition: In a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open.Synonym: open mouthed Antonym: closed
Strongbox Quote: “my strongbox is broken into” (126)Definition: A stoutly made box or safe in which valuables are deposited.Synonym: vaultAntonym: not a safe
Gibbet Quote: “Let Rebecca stand upon the gibbet and send up some righteous prayer” (127).Definition: A device used for hanging a person until deadSynonym: gallowAntonym: not a gallow
Excommunication Quote: “I summoned the congregation for John Proctor’s excommunication” (128)Definition: exclusion from fellowship in a group or community (the church)Synonym: exclusionAntonym: acceptance
Conciliatory Quote: “Danforth, conciliatory” (129)Definition: To overcome the distrust or animosity of; appease.Synonym: appeaseAntonym: argumentative
Beguile Quote: “Now hear me, and beguile yourselves no more” (129).Definition: To deceive by guile or charmSynonym: deceiveAntonym: bore
Floundering Quote: “Postponement now speaks a floundering on my part” (129).Definition: To act or function in a confused or directionless mannerSynonym: stumblingAntonym: successful
Reprieve Quote: “Reprieve or pardon must cast doubt upon the guilt of them” (129).Definition: To prevent or suspend the punishment of (someone, especially a convicted criminal).Synonym: absolveAntonym: blame
Retaliation Quote: “If retaliation is your fear”(129).Definition: To do something in response to an action done to oneself or an associate, especially to attack or injure someone as a response to a hurtful action.Synonym: retributionAntonym: acceptance
Adamant Quote: “Is he yet adamant?”(130).Definition: Not willing to change one’s opinion, purpose, or principles; unyielding.Synonym: stubbornAntonym: flexible
Cleave Quote: “Cleave to no faith when faith brings blood” (132).Definition: To be faithfulSynonym: loyalAntonym: disbelieving
Disputation Quote: “You are not summoned here for disputation”(132).Definition: The act of disputing; debate.Synonym: argueAntonym: agree
Sibilance Quote: “the sibilance of dragging feet on stoneDefinition: Of, characterized by, or producing a hissing soundSynonym: buzzAntonym: silence
Tantalized Quote: “a tantalized search” (138)Definition: excite by exposing something desirable that remains or is made difficult or impossible to obtainSynonym: teaseAntonym: praise
Dispatch Quote: “who carries a dispatch case” (123)Definition: A written message, particularly an official communication, sent with speed.Synonym: forwarded messageAntonym: delayed message
Faction Quote: “There be a faction here” (123).Definition: a group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions than the rest of the groupSynonym: partyAntonym: conformity
Righteous Quote: “send up righteous prayers”(127).Definition: Morally upright; without guilt or sinSynonym: pureAntonym: sinful
Belie Quote: “they should belie themselves” (131)Definition: To give a false representation to; misrepresentSynonym: misrepresentAntonym: reveal
Prevail Quote: “prevail upon your husband” (132).Definition: To use persuasion or inducement successfully.Synonym: overcomeAntonym: fail
Embodiment Quote: “he reaches out his hand as thought toward an embodiment” (134).Definition: the act of incarnating or giving a bodily formSynonym: incarnationAntonym: death

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