The Crucible Act 4 Study Guide

What theme do you think Herrick’s drunkenness on execution day implies? The theme I: think is either guilt, death or sadness because of all of the good peoples deaths.
What theme is conveyed through Hathorne’s description of Parris? The theme that is conveyed through Hathorne’s description is very angry and deep in sorrow, a mad man.
What unexpected action does Abigail take in this act? Why do you think she does this? She leaves town. She knew that if John died or when he died from being hanged she didn’t want anyone to figure out she is lying.
Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings? He knows now that Abigail had lied and since so many people have already died he was trying to avoid controversy if the others got to live.
How is Danforths’s statement a metaphor for what happened in the McCarthy hearings? How does the dialogue emphasize one of Miller’s themes? That Danforth will basically do anything to just get one person even if it meant killing others, same as the communism deal. The dialogue is untrustworthy in both themes.
How have things changed in Salem? What themes do the descriptions of abandonment convey? In Salem it seems empty because everyone has bee accused so there is no one to take care of anything. Don’t accuse people of things that they didn’t do.
Why has Hale returned? How has he changed? Why has he changed? Hale ha returned because he wants to convince the condemned prisoners to confess witchcraft. He has changed by now believing John and not the girls. He changed because he used to believe the girls but he is experienced in witchcraft and this is not witchcraft.
Who seeks confessions from Rebecca Nurse and other condemned prisoners? What motivates these people to seek the confessions? Reverend Hale seeks confessions from Rebecca Nurse. The peoples motivation was to save lives through the confessions.
What theme does Reverend Hale state in his speech to Elizabeth? The theme Reverend Hale gives Elizabeth is life is precious, live well.
When Danforth allows Elizabeth to speak to her husband, how does Elizabeth’s attitude and behavior support Miller’s theme? That she is not holding a grudge with John anymore because only God can forgive him not just her.
How and why does Giles die? Why wasn’t he hanged? Giles dies by getting heavy stones put on his chest, the people were trying to press the truth out of him to confess who told him that Thomas Putnam was abusing his workers.
How has Elizabeth changed toward her husband? That she realizes that she was a cold wife towards John to make him commit the lechery, so it was her fault as well.
What decision torments John Proctor? What conflict does Elizabeth experience as her husband seeks her guidance? The decision that torments John is either to keep the truth of witchcraft to himself or tell about it. She is very upset because she wants him to live and also told him to do what he thinks is right and the right thing to do.
What theme does Proctor cry, “I cannot judge another” suggest? The cry suggests that John can’t blame or tell what another is because he was different from himself. Ex.) committing adultery
What does John Proctor have “no tongue for?” Why does Proctor confess and then retract his confession? How does this show the themes of integrity and courage? Because he accuses others for witchcraft. He retracts it because he wants to die with a good name since Elizabeth was pregnant, so the child could live a good life. He was thinking of others and would die for others.
Why does Elizabeth say her husband has “his goodness” as he is about to be hanged? John told the truth and was wise about telling the truth.

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