The Crucible-Act 4 Review

Why are the cows wandering loose on the roads of Salem? Many farmers have been jailed and can’t take care of their farms.
Where does Tituba say she is going to go after she is released from jail? She will take a boat to Barbados
Why has Hale come back to Salem? To encourage the accused to confess and save their lives
What does Hale want Elizabeth to do? Convince Proctor to confess
What is Giles Corey arrested for? contempt of court
What happens to Giles Corey? After not giving up the name of his informant, he was pressed to death
What does Rev. Parris say has happened to Abigail? She stole money from him and disappeared
Why does Hale try to get the accused to confess? The judges want to be able to release them from jail
What is Parris’ real reason for wanting Proctor, Rebecca, and Martha saved? A concern for his own safety
What does Parris say he found lodged in his door? A small dagger
Why is Danforth not able to pardon Proctor, Rebecca, and Martha? It would not look good on those already hanged
How do Danforth and Hawthorne feel about Hale’s return? They fear him because they feel he is a threat to them
Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings? It might look as if he has wrongly executed innocent people.
When Mary testifies against Abby and the girls, how do they react? The girls claim Mary is bewitching them
At first, why does Proctor decides not to lie? He doesn’t want to be a hypocrite
What does Proctor do when he signs the confession? He tears it up
What does Proctor object most strongly to? Hanging his signed confession on the church door
What does Elizabeth tells Proctor that she has been guilty of in their marriage? Being a bad (cold) wife
What does Elizabeth think about Proctor’s decision not to confess? she believes he has found his goodness and is at peace with his decision
Why are Danforth and Hathorne so intent on getting Proctor and Rebecca to confess? Their confession would make others confess
Why does Proctor rip up his confession He would rather die for honesty than live a lie
How can you infer that Abby and Mercy left Salem? They fear the villagers will turn on them
Why does Elizabeth say of Proctor, “He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!” He has self-respect and knows there is goodness in him
What happens to Proctor, Rebecca, and Martha? They are all hanged
The climax is the most intense point or turning point of the story. What is the climax in Act 4? When Proctor rips his confession.

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