The Crucible Act 4

What explanation does Cheever give for Parris’ “mad look”? People are arguing about who the cows belong to.
What did Abigail do? Robbed Parris and got on a ship with Mercy Lewis.
Parris says, “You cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me.”. What “sort” does he mean? Good people who do the right thing.
What is the danger to Parris? Someone will kill him.
Explain Danforth’s reason that a pardon would not be just. They already hanged 12 other people for the same crime.
Why has Hale come back to Salem? To do the Devil’s work
What does Hale want Elizabeth to do? Ask her husband to confess to witchcraft.
What happened to Giles? He was pressed to death with large stones because he wouldn’t confess.
What “confession” did Elizabeth make to John? She confessed that her being a plain and cold wife caused him to wander (have an affair).
What did Proctor do after he signed the confession? Grabbed the paper so they could not nail his confession to the church door.
Why did he not want them to nail his confession to the church door? To keep his good name; that was all he had left.
“He have his goodness now. God forbid that I take it from him.” What does Elizabeth mean? John Proctor is being a good man by doing the right thing.
What happens to Proctor at the end of the play? He is hanged.

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