The Crucible Act 4

Why does Danforth not want Hale in the jail? He has no authority in the jail.
Which of Parris’s actions suggests that his conscience is bothering him? His constant weeping.
In Act Four, how does Hale try to make up for the harm he has done? By getting people to confess.
In lines 314-316, Danforth says, “I cannot pardon these when twelve are already hanged for the same crime.” Based on this statement, what can we conclude about his character? Danforth is unwilling to admit his mistakes and is unkind but completely fair.
Why is Parris so concerned about the events that are rumored to be taking place in Andover? He fears that distrust in the trails will spread to Salem and cause a riot.
Why is Parris particularly worried about hanging Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor? They are considered to be people of good character.
What conflict between Danforth and Parris drives the plot forward in Act Four? The conflict/argument about postponing the hangings.
Why does Hale ask Elizabeth to encourage Proctor to lie? Hale believes dying for pride is worse than lying.
Why does Danforth insist that Proctor sign the confession? Danforth wants the town to know that Proctor confessed.
The stage directions in lines 850-852 say that, “a wild terror… and a boundless anger” rise within Proctor after he signs the confession. Why? He cannot stand to have his name used in a lie.

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