The Crucible – Act 4

How have the townspeople been affected by the last several months of court proceedings? Rebellion, they doubt the girls & think people are innocenr a lot of argument
What is Parris real reason for pleading for postponement of the execution? Because people want him dead. A dagger was on his door.
What makes Danforth anxious to obtain confessions? At the same time, why does he refuse to postpone the executions? It prove he was right, because then he would look like he is done wrong since 12 already hung
Why has Hale returned to Salem? Because Bet Proctor to Confess
Why doesn’t Elizabeth beg John to sign the confession? It’s the Devils argument. It’s a sin to lie
How has Elizabeth changed during her imprisonment? She’s lost anger & and she is strong. She came to accept the what happened
How did Giles die? Why did he refuse to answer the charge? He was pressed to death. So his son could keep the property.
What makes John Proctor finally tear up confession and decide it is better to hang? She blames herself.
What happened to the following characters after the witch hunt madness ended?A) Elizabeth Proctor B) Reverend HaleC) Abigail A) had her baby & remarried B)From them on caught against witch trialsC) fled Boston and became a prostitute

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