The Crucible: Act 3 Vocab

vestry a room in a church where meetings or classes are held
remorseless without compassion; relentless
wrath fury often marked by a desire for vengeance
contentious causing or likely to cause disagreement and disputes between people with differing views
deposition witness’s testimony
befuddled confused or perplexed
immaculate clean and free from blemishes; showing faultless perfection
qualm a misgiving, doubt, or bad feeling
callously showing no concern if other people are hurt or upset
apparition an unexpected sight; a ghost
contemplation long and attentive consideration or observation of something
afflicted distressed
dumbfounded temporarily speechless with astonishment
slovenly not concerned about conventional standards of personal hygiene and tidiness
transfixed made immobile from shock
befouled dirty or impure
quail to show fear or apprehension
denounce to express harsh criticism or condemnation of something or somebody, usually in public

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