“The Crucible” Act 3

her pregnancy What postpones Elizabeth Proctor’s execution?
the other girls accuse her of witchcraft Why does Mary Warren withdraw her testimony against the investigations?
to discredit her testimony by making her look evil Why does Proctor confess to having an affair with Abigail?
Reverend Hale Which of the following characters helped to start the investigation, but now condemns (thinks they are wrong) them?
Elizabeth’s inability, in court, to accuse her husband of adultery The crucial turning point that seems to seal John Proctor’s fate is:
believes that the girls are lying Reverend Hale quits the court because he:
the meeting room of the town hall in Salem What is the setting of Act III?
purchase Jacobs’ land at an auction According to Giles Corey, Putnam had his daughter accuse his neighbor (Jacobs) of being a witch in order to:
pretending to faint Hathorne asks Mary Warren to prove that she is telling the truth by :
She pretended that Mary had taken the form of a yellow bird and was about to swoop down How did Abigail convince the court that Mary “was sending her spirit out”?
Every time Mary tries to tell the truth, she is accused of being a witch. Why is the statement, “Do that which is good and no harm shall come to thee,” ironic?
she lies What does Elizabeth do when called upon to testify?
contempt of court (hindering the court’s proceedings) What is Giles Corey charged with?
he is pressed to death What happens to Giles Corey in Act 3?
Dansforth “…a person is either with this court or he mustbe counted against it; there be no road between.”
John Proctor “You are pulling down heaven and raising up a *****”
Abigail Williams “I have been near to murdered every day because I havedone my duty pointing out the devil’s people.”
Elizabeth Proctor “I came to think he fancied her. And so one night I lost my wits and put her out on the highroad”
Reverend Hale “I may shut my conscience to it no more – private vengeance isworking through this testimony!”

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