The Crucible Act 2 Study Guide

At the beginning of Act 2, John Proctor says, “It is winter in here yet”. Why is this pertinent to what is going on? John and Elizabeth’s relationship is still strained from his affair with Abigail. Elizabeth’s demeanor is “frosty” and “cold” towards John.
Why has Mary Warren disobeyed her employers and gone to Salem? She has been named an official of the court. This makes her feel more important than a servant.
What did Abigail Williams reveal to John Proctor? Elizabeth reminds him of this; that the girls were just playing around in the woods and no witchcraft was involved.
Why hasn’t John Proctor told the court what he knows? What does Elizabeth attribute his not telling? John worries how he would prove what Abigail said(since they were alone). Also, he is aware of the power she has gained. “If the girl’s a saint now, I think it not easy to prove she’s a fraud.”
What lie did John Proctor tell to Elizabeth which makes her more suspicious of him? He didn’t tell Elizabeth that he was alone with Abigail when they talked.
What news does Mary Warren reveal to John and Elizabeth about the trials? Goody Osburn will hang and Goody Good confessed.
How does Mary Warren behave towards her employers? She embraces her new “authority” and demands John’s and Elizabeth’s respect because she is an “official of the court.”
What does Mary Warren mean shen she says, “I saved her life today!”? Abigail has accused Elizabeth of witchcraft, but Mary claims that she has never seen any indication of it. Because of her claim, the court dismisses the accusation.
What does Elizabeth realize when she finds out that she has been accused? That Abigail wants her dead so she can have John.
What does Elizabeth ask John to do? She wants John to go to Salem and tell the court what Abigail had said to him about the incident in the woods.
Why does Reverend Hale visit the Proctors? Hale visits the Proctors to test the Christian character of the home. He is investigating the stories and rumors heard in the court. Earlier, he was at the Rebecca Nurse’s house. Hale is the investigator trying to find the truth.
How does John Proctor respond to questions about why he has not been to church? He claims that his wife has been sick, that he doesn’t agree with Parris on theological matters (“I see no light of God in that man.”), and he thinks Parris is too concerned with material possessions.
What does Reverend Hale ask Proctor to do? He tells him to (recite) say the Ten Commandments.
Discuss the meaning of Elizabeth saying “Adultry, John.” While reciting the Ten Commandments, he forgets the one sin we know he is guilty of – adultery. Since this is always on her mind, Elizabeth reminds him of it.
What information does John Proctor reveal to Reverend Hale? Mr. Parris discovered them “sportin” in the woods. They were startled and look sick.”
What does Reverend Hale want John to do with this information? Hale thinks John should testify in court.
Why does Elizabeth say she does’t believe in witches at this point? “I am a good woman, I know it; and if you believe I may do only good work in the world, and yet be secretly bound to Satan, then I must tell you, sir, I do not believe it.”
What does Giles Corey reveal to the Proctors and Reverend Hale? Giles says that his wife, Martha, and Rebecca Nurse have been taken to jail.
What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of? “For the marvelous and supernatural murder of Goody Putnam’s babies.”
Why has Martha Corey been accused? Walcott(a neighbor) claims that Martha has bewitched his pigs (thus killing them) with her books.
Why do Esekial Cheever and Marshal arrive at the Proctor home? They have a warrant to arrest Elizabeth.
Explain why Cheever is both astonished and afraid when he finds the “poppet” (small doll) with the needle in it. Earlier, Abigail had a fit and Parris pulled a needle out of her midsection. Cheever believes the poppet(small doll) with a needle in it is proof that Elizabeth performed witchcraft on Abigail and caused her injury.
What does John ask Mary Warren to do? He wants her to explain to the court that she made the poppet(small doll), not Elizabeth.
Why is Mary so afraid to do as he asks? She says that Abigail will kill her.
Why does Mary warn John about testifying against Abigail? Mary tells John that if he testifies against her, she will “charge lechery” and ruin him.
What does John decide to do? He tells Mary that they will both testify in court against Abigail. Although it will ruin him, he can’t allow Elizabeth to die.

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