The Crucible Act 2 Scene 2

Given the Puritan’s view of the forest, what atmosphere does Miller create be setting this scene in the woods? Explain. The Puritans believe that the forest is a realm of satan, he creates this by having then dance in the woods at night, One of secrecy, bitter, adverse, sin for all that occurred
What evidence is there that Abigail’s saintly reputation mentioned in Act II, Scene I is changing? Abigail is ruthless and won’t stop until she frames Elizabeth Proctor for witchcraft and dies to have Proctor all to herself, going a little crazy and going to far and starting to get very risky and accusing people with good names
In what way has Abigail become the poppet? The poppet was originally supposed to be a peace offering from Mary until Abigail came in and plotted her plan. Once Abigail plotted the needle the poppet was then manipulated into a completely different thing. Abigail is now the poppet because she is the manipulator and deceives the true meaning of what it once was. Shes in so deep that it’s too late to turn back now
Discuss the verbal irony in her line: “Oh John, the world’s so full of hypocrites.” She is a hypocrite herself. She says she is all godly and christian but she has blood on her hands from when she accused people of witchcraft. Some people died by not admitting being a witch.
What motivation does Abigail give for making the world “white again”? She thinks that Proctor will come back to her now that his wife is gone she is trying to manipulate proctor into thinking that he should go back to her
Discuss Proctor’s implied motivation for warning Abigail of his intentions in court the next day? He is willing to give up his reputation in the community to be able to save his wife and he doesn’t have anymore feelings for Abigail anymore. And is a sense he still cares for Abigail but hes warning her a day in advance
Discuss the verbal irony in Abigail’s line: “Fear naught. I will save you tomorrow.” When abigail says this she is mocking him because he knows that he will not go through with what he says. She then also means that she will then save him from himself.By getting Elizabeth out of the way she thinks she is saving proctor from what he really wants

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