The Crucible Act 2

What is the setting of Act 2 of The Crucible?a. the following day at the home of John and Elizabeth Proctorb. Reverend Parris’s home, about a week after the accusations of witchcraft have begunc. the Proctors’ home, eight days after the girls have begun to accuse peopled. the Salem meeting house, just before Abigail’s trial C
Which of the following sentences best describes John and Elizabeth Proctor at the opening of Act 2?a. they are warm and affectionateb. they seem to not care about each otherc. they seem ill at ease togetherd. they are hostile and bitter toward each other C
When Elizabeth says to Proctor “The Magistrate sits in your heart that judges you,” she means that Proctora. carries the knowledge of his own guiltb. is too quick to judge himselfc. should speak more openly about his thoughtsd. knows that she loves him and forgives him A
Proctor’s comment to Mary Warren, “It’s strange work for a Christian girl to hang old women,” implies that he thinks Mary’s behavior isa. cruelb. hypocriticalc. cowardlyd. rash B
Which of the following words best characterizes Mary Warren?a. piousb. jealousc. gullibled. vicious D
What is Mary’s motive in giving the “poppet” to Elizabeth?a. she wants to make friends with elizabethb. she wants elizabeth to see her as an innocent girlc. she wants to plant evidence of witchcraft in elizabeth’s housed. she wants to make peace with elizabeth after disobeying her C
when Mary says that the crowd parted for Abigail like the sea for Israel, she makes a. a comparison to politicsb. an allusion to the biblec. eventual trouble for Abigaild. a bigoted joke B
When Hale appears at the Proctors’ door, he is described as “different now-drawn a little, and there is a quality of deference, even of guilt, about his manner now.” what accounts for this change?a. he has seen events go beyond his expectations of salemb. he no longer believes in witchcraft but must proceedc. he feels guilty that he has also felt desire for Abigaild. he fears that even he may be at risk A
Hale’s interview with Proctor reveals Hale to bea. blinded by powerb. troubled but rigidc. kind but foolishd. tolerant and open B
Why does Proctor forget the commandment forbidding adultery?a. he has a guilty conscienceb. he has never properly learned the commandmentsc. he believes that it is an unjust commandmentd. he is afraid of revealing his own sin A
When Rebecca Nurse is charged, Hale is troubled. What does he intend to point out by this allusion to the story that the Devil was once an angel an hour before the devil fell, God thought him beautiful in heavena. that people sometimes change as they get olderb. that even beauty is no indicator of goodnessc. the impossibility of determining God’s will d. the powerful skills of deception the Devil has D

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