The Crucible: Act 2

What is the relationship like between John and Elizabeth Proctor? Tense. John has not forgiven himself despite the fact Elizabeth has (or so she says). There is a big unspoken problem between them and they act more like aquainences, with small talk and such.
What power does Abigail have in the courtroom? She is treated like a saint and everything she says is considered to be truth. In a sense she controls if people live or die.
Even though Mary can’t say, who do we think accused Elizabeth Proctor and why? Abigail, because she wants the wife out of the picture so she can move in on John.
What commandment can John not remember? Adultery
Why is Mary warren afraid of telling the truth about Abigail? because Abby will have her killed and accuse John of lechery.
Why does Hale not trust John Proctor? – he doesn’t show up to church – his third son isn’t baptized (which he says is because he doesn’t think of Reverend Paris as Holy)- doesn’t know all of the commandments (forgot one)

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