The Crucible- Act 2

Where does Mary Warren, apprentice in the Proctor household, spend most of her days recently? in the courts with the other girls
Why does Elizabeth want John to go see Abigail? to try and convince her to tell the court the truth about what happened in the woods.
What does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth that later gets her in trouble? a had-sewn doll–poppet
Who comes to ask questions about the Christianity of John Proctor’s household? Rev. Hale
Which commandment does John forget? adultery– ironic b/c that’s the one he broke
Why doesn’t Proctor want Mary to go back to court (hint before Elizabeth was accused)? She is his servant and she needs to do her job
Why does Mary say she cannot tell the truth in court? She is afraid of what Abigail will do to her
What is Mary’s motive in giving the “poppet” to Elizabeth? She is setting her up b/c Abigail most likely forced her to
At first, Mary Warren enjoys her role in court because she … likes the power and status she has in the village.
Giles Corey thinks Putnam is accusing neighbors of witchcraft because Putnam wants to … gain their land
When Mary says that the crowd parted for Abigail like the sea for Israel, she makes … an allusion to the Bible
What gift did Mary Warren give Elizabeth? a poppet (doll)
What does John Proctor mean when he says, “My wife will never die for me”? He knows his adultery has caused Elizabeth to be arrested.
When Elizabeth says to Proctor, “The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you,” she means that Proctor … carries the knowledge of his own guilt
On what charge(s) was Rebecca Nurse arrested? The murder of Goody Putnam’s babies
Sarah Good is accused of witchcraft because she … could not recite the ten commandments
People “part like the seas” for Abigail because they … fear her power to accuse them
By the end of Act Two, Reverend Hale has begun to worry that … perhaps innocent people are being accused.
Which of the following words best characterizes Mary Warren? gullible
Why does Elizabeth think that Abigail wants to kill her? She believes Abby wants to take her place as John’s wife.
Goody Osburn will hang, but Sarah Good will not because … Sarah Good confessed, but Goody Osburn did not.
Elizabeth urges John to go to Salem to … tell the court that Abigail’s story is a hoax.
Why is there tension between Elizabeth Proctor and her husband? He has had a adulterous affair
Abigail stuck a needle into her stomach in order to … accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft
Why did Hale come to Proctor’s house? To tell John that Elizabeth’s name had been mentioned at court
What things are “suspicious” about Proctor and his family? they haven’t been to church in a while and Elizabeth is suspected of witchcraft
Hale ask Elizabeth if she believes in witches, what is her reply? She says she does not believe in witches RED FLAG FOR HALE What she really meant was that the way they think of witches is wrong, not that they don’t exist
Why does Cheever come to the Proctor house? business of the court (arresting Elizabeth)
What is John’s response to Elizabeth’s request of him meeting with Abigail to straighten things out? He gets very angry with her
What was the “evidence” against Sarah Good? after being refused bread and cider by Mary Warren, she walks away mumbling saying her commendments
How many women did Mary say had been arrested? 39
What woman is sentenced to hang? Goody Osburn
What did Mary Warren say that made Elizabeth panic? Mary said that Elizabeth’s name was mentioned in the courts but that she had refused the accusations and “saved her life”
Who goes from being a logical thinker to someone who is brainwashed by the lies told by Abigail and Parris? Reverend Hale
What is the Puritan idealogy? “House is not a church” –> mentioned when Hale questions Proctor about his absence in Church
What was the meaning/importance of the golden candlesticks? Puritans are not supposed to have anything ornate, so when Parris requested them he pissed the people off b/c their money would go towards the golden candlesticks
Who does not like the church in Salem? Proctor
Does Hale suspect Elizabeth? YES!
Why is Hale concerned while talking to Elizabeth and Proctor during Act 2? They are being very sketchy, which leads him to believe they are hiding something
Why was Martha Corey arrested? She was accused of bewitching animals
Why was Elizabeth charged? For attempted murder via poppet
Who is particularly shocked by Rebecca Nurse being jailed? Reverend Hale b/c he feels she is a good Christian woman; he says that she will be sent home by the courts (no she won’t, there is no justice in the courts at this time!)
what does mean? rather
Who did Proctor originally think could help Elizabeth clear her name? Ezekial Cheever: he gets drunk off of his new power and Proctor is very angry
What does a familiar spirit refer to? The spirit or demon, most usually in the form of an animal such as a black cat, that was a companion and helper to a witch
What signifies a needle? The needle with the doll was meant to represent a voodoo-like doll, where whatever is done to the doll is then done to the person
What does Mary Warren say when confronted about the doll? She says that it is hers and that she stuck the needle in it but meant no harm
What does John yell at the men who were taking his wife to prison? To take the chains off of her; they threaten him to go back inside
What promise does JP make once Elizabeth is being taken to prison? He promises to stop at nothing to get her out, even if it hurts his reputation
Who says, “I cannot, I cannot!” and what were they referring to? Mary Warren said this in response to John telling her she was forced to g to the courts and tell the truth (she cires bc she is afraid of Abigail)
What is the present state of the Proctors’ marital relationship? Are things settled or tense, and how do you know this? At the beginning of act 2 their relationship is calm but there is awkward tension, “lines 157-164.” Once she is accused (pg. 174, lines 990-992) he shows that he cares.
What two characters changed their attitudes once they became important in the courts? Mary Warren and Ezekial Cheever
Mary Warren mentions the type of evidence that the court uses to persecute those on trial. What types of evidence were used? Ten Commandments and hearsay (what people hear) were types of evidence
What important information did Abigail Williams reveal to John Proctor in Act 1? What does Elizabeth want John to do with this information? Elizabeth wants John to make known the intentions that Abigail has for Elizabeth Proctor (to get rid of her) and the false statement she made to John when Betty was sick.
Why would the courts most likely believe Abigail’s word over the Proctor’s? They would probably believe Abigail over the Proctors b/c Abigail is already known in the court for making accusations and is the niece of Parris (high up in the community) while the Proctor’s are known for doing their own thing
Towards the end of this scene, what does Reverend Hale urge John to do with this significant information? Take care of your religious obligations, don’t make a mess and testify
How has Elizabeth Proctor been “set up”, and by whom has she been set up, and why? The poppet was made by Mary Warren in the courts when she was sitting by Abigail (Abigail controls them so she made her do it most likely). Mary Warren puts the needle under the skirt of the poppet and to make it look legit. Abigail stabbed herself with a needle and accused EP.
What is John Proctor’s tone at the conclusion of this scene? What does she vow to do? Use quotes! John Proctor’s tone is angry and he wants her to vow to tell the truth about Abigail’s lies. We see his rage by him saying, “You’re coming to the court with me, Mary. You will tell it in the court.” Mary Warren says she cannot but he tells her, “Make your peace with it!” He uses violence to prove how serious he is (salty tone) and then changes to calm down towards the end (somewhat at peace)

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